Kites For A Cure (Lung Cancer) Kite Flying, Snacks & Family Fun Activities

kites for a cure

Family and Friends of Russell E. Dyce, who lost his life to lung cancer at the age of 59 are organizing “Kites for a Cure” to benefit uniting Against Lung Cancer. This family kite fly is the first of its kind in Greenbrier and will be a fun hopeful and inclusive family event which will raise local awareness about lung cancer.

“Kites for a Cure” will take place on May 31st and June 1st from 11am on. With a $20 donation guests will receive a high quality kite they can decorate on site – drawing pictures or writing names, wishes and messages to send into the sky on the afternoons breezes. Money raised from the event will go directly to lung cancer research  and awareness via Lung Cancer’s National research grant program.

The foundation funds innovative research into the causes, treatments and possible cures for the disease to date. Uniting against lung cancer has awarded over $10 million in grants to top cancer researchers at leading institutions around the United States.

For more information: Contact Dena Dyce via email or on facebook at: and to obtain more info about Uniting Against Lung Cancer, please visit



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