More Guns Or Less? A Smokey Survey

January 17, 2013
Jim Ball reporting
Smokey Barn News

Smokey’s doing a survey for those of you that follow us on Facebook. If you are not a big Facebook’er that’s OK, just leave your comments on the subject below. Click HERE to vote and/or to see other people’s votes.

As the nation searches for a solution to the Sandy Hook tragedy what do you think we should do?

Do we need more guns or less? In other words, should we put armed officers in our schools or ramp up new gun laws. Perhaps giving the teachers guns is the answer or perhaps improved Mental-Health Services is what we need.

What do you think? VOTE


Jim Ball reporting




Latest Comments
  1. Patrick

    First off, they need to be as strict as getting the AR’s. It shouldn’t be so easy to get a handgun. Put a month hold on the purchase of a gun. That way they forget and hopefully make truths for what their Attentions are. I mean seriously am I not right. One law right there might drop crime down 10%. Second, people kill not gun rights. Criminals will still find a way of getting ahold of them and do their attentions. Case point again the war will npt be won.

  2. Robertson County Resident #3

    Taking guns isn’t the answer. Dozens of millions of AR-15’s in the hands of citizens today, and only rarely does one get used in a crime.

    Taking legally-purchased firearms away from law-abiding citizens is not the right answer. I’m not going to purport to say that I know what the right answer actually is, just that taking away guns and making criminals out of people who only want to keep the guns they bought, is not it.

    I’ll even go one step further and state that, regardless of the outcome of this legislation, I will not be relinquishing my semiautomatic firearms nor any magazines. I bought them legally, and I will keep them.