Attempted Robbery/CarJacking Ends In Injury Accident

In Springfield: At roughly 4:40PM Tuesday evening a man riding a bicycle on 8th Ave in Springfield near Memorial Blvd. flagged a passing motorist and asked if they would like to purchase a football. The driver (Tre Witherspoon of Springfield) was heading towards Mabel St. on 8th Ave. The wood-be salesman approached Mr. Witherspoon’s car just as it was passing the large water tower.

Mr. Witherspoon noticed the suspect did not have a football (at least that he could see) but football or not Mr. Witherspoon was not in the market for used sporting equipment and so declined the offer. This seemed to agitate the football salesman and he lunged at Mr. Witherspoon grabbing the steering wheel. Mr. Witherspoon then hit the gas to escape. Unfortunately in the excitement he had put the car in reverse which caused the car to spin out of control and impact a utility pole with enough force to fracture it. Mr. Witherspoon was not injured but his friend in the front passenger seat did injure his back and was taken via ground to Northcrest Medical Center.

The suspect was not struck by the car and fled the scene. He is described as a white male in his mid 20’s on a bicycle and was seen by several witnesses.

We’re working on a better description of the suspect but it was dark at the location of the attack.

Mr. Witherspoon will be calling us later with an update on how his friend is doing.
If you have any information on this or any other crime in Springfield please call (615) 384-8422 the Police Department also operates a Crime Stoppers telephone line. Anyone wishing to provide information about any crime can call (615) 382-3799. Persons providing information remain anonymous and can earn up to one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for the information provided. For more information about Crime Stoppers contact Lieutenant William Watkins by calling (615) 384-8422, ext. 240.


Jim Ball reporting November 27, 2012