Hi Robertson County!

Smokey Barn News covers Robertson County and has the largest readership in the county’s history!

What’s in a name? Smokey Barn News was named after the tobacco firing process used for generations in Robertson County. To see some beautiful barns in RC click here.

We are Robertson County’s Only 24/7 LIVE News broadcaster! The news we cover is your news – local goings-on. What’s important to you is what’s important to us. After all, this is our home, too. Smokey Barn News is a state-of-the-art online news source, that is 100% advertising supported!

We do not print a physical paper. Smokeybarn.com is a digital paper available on all platforms (desktops, smartphones and tablets). This allows us to add new content at any hour of any day 24/7 with more up to date info than a weekly printed paper.  SBN is available to Middle Tennessee readers through SmokeyBarn.com, Facebook & Twitter. Video news reports are also available via youtube.

We deliver the news around the clock, basically, if it happens in the Robertson County area, Smokey is hard at work to bring the details to our readers real time!

We keep you informed with Video coverage and live broadcasts:

  • Community events
  • Traffic/Accidents
  • Local Government
  • School News
  • Crime watch
  • Basically, if it happens in RC, Smokey is hard at work to bring you the details!

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Our mission is to bring you video coverage and all things News related  in and around the Robertson County area as it happens, real-time!

Biography Founded on May 4th 2010. Locally/Independently Owned & Operated. 100% supported by local businesses through advertising/sponsorship.

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