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We are the largest news distributor in the Robertson County area reaching Tens of thousands each week across middle Tennessee. We have almost doubled our readership in just the last year alone and growing! So…. so if you really want to get the word  out about a community event or business products and services, you’ve reached the right place!

We do not print a physical paper. is a digital paper available on all platforms (desktops, smartphones and tablets). This allows us to add new content at any hour of any day 24/7 with more up to date info than a weekly printed paper. We are available to Middle Tennessee readers through, Facebook & Twitter. Video news reports are also available via youtube.

With Smokey you can buy a variety of Banner ad campaign packages. You can even purchase a “Media Blitz Full Page Feature” to highlight your product(s) or service(s), community event, job opening(s) or job fair.

Though you can buy short duration ads, statistics show that repetitive exposure is the best way to reach your customers. Some analysts say an advertisement needs to be seen at least three times before a potential customer will respond.

We offer:

Banner Ad Campaigns – A variety of Banner Ad campaigns.

*Includes a job listing or event listing for the duration of the banner ad campaign of your choice.

Media Blast/Full page Feature – Use as a “Business Spotlight” or promote a sale, special product(s), Community event or Job fair.

* Includes a job listing or event listing for 30 days!

Additional Marketing Tools:
• Video commercials
• Live broadcasts

(*discount for non-profits)

Our stats show that readers of Smokey Barn News return to the site often for updates, checking the site daily and even hourly on breaking stories. After a story breaks, members of the community gather around our stories and share insights and points of view and your Ad’s are right there with them!

We have doubled our viewership in the last year. In addition, Smokey Barn News has great relationships with all the major networks: ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox which often share our content driving even more traffic back our way and to your ads, that’s a lot of eyes and potential customers considering your products and services.

Ad Content Policy:

Smokey Barn News has adopted advertisement policies that are very conservative. With this in mind, the following provisions apply:

Advertisements accepted must not:

  • Promote or endorse illegal or inappropriate products/behavior or lifestyles
  • Promote events focused on drinking alcohol or bar-related activities.
  • Promote adult entertainment
  • Promote gambling products/events
  • Promote Multilevel marketing (MLM) Companies/Products
  • Promote Images/Content that is scary, gory, sinister, distasteful or
  • Promotional events that ask for personal information from our readers (phone numbers/addresses)

*We reserve the right to deny any ads that we feel are inappropriate or incompatible with the mission and vision of Smokey Barn News. ALL advertising acceptance is at the discretion of our editorial team.

Smokey Barn News exists to provide relevant up to date news, events, contests and community information to the enrichment of the residents of Robertson County and surrounding middle Tennessee.

Let us help you grow!

When people want breaking news they turn to Smokey Barn News. Your advertising should be right there too.

To get started just send an email to and Let us know a little about your business or organization and if you would like to promote business services, a community event, a job listing or job fair. Please include a phone number and a representative can help you choose the right campaign for your advertising needs!