11 Year Old Girl Attacked By Rottweiler in Greenbrier

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Smokey Barn NewsAn 11 year old girl was attacked by a Rottweiler as she reached to pet the dog Saturday evening around 7:35PM. The dog belonged to some friends the girl was visiting on College St in Greenbrier.

The attack occurred inside the home and after the attack the dog was placed in a room until Animal Control could arrive. According to Greenbrier Fire Chief  Billy Wilson, the girl suffered three lacerations and a puncture wound to her face. Paramedics bandaged her at the scene and she was taken to Vanderbilt. At the very least she will need stitches and perhaps a little cosmetic reconstruction, Wilson said.

Smokey Barn NewsThe dog weighs about a 100 pounds and (as we understand it) did not have a history of aggression. According to Greenbrier Animal Control Officer, Randy Weaver who was called to collect the animal, the dog will be quarantined for ten days. They’ll want to make sure the dog doesn’t have rabies. They will also be making sure the dog has had all the proper shots. Any charges would be pending an investigation, Weiver said.

Smokey Barn News

It’s always shocking to hear about man’s best friend turning on someone. We didn’t hear anything at the scene that would indicate that the dog was being teased, she just reached down to pet the dog and it attacked. It’s sad on both sides.


Smokey Barn News

The good news is the girl should be fine in a week or two but she will probably carry a little fear of dogs in the future. As far as the ultimate outcome of the dog, it will be held for the ten days and (given it now has a history of aggression) will not likely be considered suitable to be around children.

Smokey would like to wish the young lady a fast and speedy recovery and convey our sympathies to everyone involved.

Jim Ball reporting

Smokey Barn News

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Latest Comments
  1. stacey smyth

    I hope you feel better gracie

  2. Donna

    I’m sorry but if it were my child who got attacked I would demand that the dog be put down. Who’s to say the dog won’t do it again just because he doesn’t have a history of attacking. Rottweiler or chihuahua, a vicious dog will attack again once they taste blood. And I’m a dog lover myself. But a child’s safety is more important.

    • Kanye West

      Actually Donna it’s a myth when you say once a dog gets a taste a blood it will do it again. Every single dog on earth in unpredictable and you take that chance when ever you put your kids or other kids around them. It should be up to the owner if she does not want the dog or not. If the dog doesn’t have rabies and the owner does not want it hopefully someone will adopt it and be a good owner and doesn’t keep the dog around children.

    • Billy Gross

      Donna, Dogs are not vampires. It’s not like he took a hit of meth and is now hooked on the yummy taste of human blood. That’s ridiculous!

  3. Shelby stout

    This girl is my little sister. She is currently getting stitches and will be fine. Just please keep her in your prayers. 🙂

    • Bugg out

      Call a lawyer….

      • sissy

        yes lets call a lawyer. that’s what’s partly wrong with america there all sue happy. what’s wrong with just believing it was something that just happened instead of making people pay!!!! the people was in some body Else’s house should have kept a better eye on the kid. they knew the dog was there so it was as much parents fault. why don’t the owners of the dog sue for them nnot keeping an eye on their kid. they are dog’s, and it could happen with ANY dog with out being taught to be mean. it’s in their nature!! back to the lawyer, people just need to quit being so greedy and always looking for free money