Accident At 49-Market Sends 3 To The Hospital

An accident occurred at the intersection of Hwy 49W and Mt Zion Rd in front of the 49 Market Thursday evening around 7:20PM.   As you can see, the blue compact just missed hitting the gas pump. An employee at 49 Market said he and a co-worker just happened to look up as the wreck occurred. They saw the car coming right at them and for a moment weren’t sure if the car was going to come through the front door. The car was stopped by the pole.

Though 3 occupants were taken to the hospital via ground we are relieved to report that everyone should make a full recovery. No one sustained life threatening injuries. The blue compact was heading east on 49W and the a red SUV (not pictured) was heading South on Flewellyn Rd/Mount Zion Rd. The two vehicles  collided in the middle of the intersection and spun around, the blue compact continued on to impact the pole. There was also a pickup truck involved which only sustained a small amount of damage and no injuries to the occupants. I wasn’t able to get the exact position and trajectory of the pickup truck. The occupants of all three vehicles were extremely fortunate as this accident could have been much worse.

There is currently a red/yellow flashing light at the intersection but some people say due to the amount of accidents that occur at that intersection a regular traffic light should be installed.

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