Rollover Accident On Flewellyn Rd Near Hummingbird Ct

A rollover accident occurred on Flewellyn Rd near Hummingbird Ct. in Springfield (Exact Location Of Wreck).  The wreck shut down Flewellyn for several hours Wednesday evening. The vehicle completely blocked Flewellyn Rd and prevented local residents from getting to their homes causing some frustration. The accident occurred around 6:40PM not to far from Middle Tennessee Gunsmithing  3732 Flewellyn Rd in Springfield. There was one male occupant about 20 years of age and he was not injured. The cause of the accident is still under investigation by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The officer gave the driver a quick once over and seemed satisfied that the driver was not impaired.   I noticed some water on the road and it was very chilly so perhaps his tires lost their grip on a patch of ice. I did ask the driver what happened, he said he was told not to talk about it. That’s probably smart in today’s world. I gave him the option to pose next to his vehicle,  he declined.


IMG_6793 IMG_6791

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  1. TrutFurry April 9, 2013