Adjacent Pleasant View Medical Clinics Abruptly Close Doors Permanently

Adjacent Pleasant View Medical Clinics Abruptly Close Doors Permanently


Pleasant View Medical Clinics Abruptly Close Doors

PLEASANT VIEW TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Two medical clinics in Pleasant View have closed their doors today with barely a days notice.

1430493783030The two clinics, Middle Tennessee Primary Care MTPC run by Dr. John R Manning, MD and Middle Tennessee Health and Wellness, (a pain clinic) both located at 6509 Highway Pleasant View, TN. MAP have closed their doors for good according to a note to patients taped to the door.

Randall Hurst who’s wife is a patient of one of the clinics said he received no warning that the clinics were going to close until he showed up at the door with his wife and saw a note on the door and other patients trying to get in the facility.

According to Hurst even, the employees were in the dark. Smokey has reached out to both businesses for comment but the available numbers indicate that their voice-mail boxes were full.

Smokey Barn News spoke to Pleasant View mayor Perry Keenan Friday morning about the closings, “As Mayor, obviously you hate to see any business have to face a hardship like this and more than that you hate to see employees locally lose jobs. We haven’t received any details at City Hall on what the nature was behind the closures. We are hoping the large medical community in Pleasant View will be able to absorb those employees affected by the closures.”

1430494221577A second note taped to the door provided some information to patients but at the moment nothing is known about what prompted the closures.

The second note says, “We were just informed as of today 03-29-2015 at 2:00pm, that MTHW and MTPC have closed their doors permanently.”  That seems to indicate that not everyone employed with the two firms were aware that the business would be closing.

One of the notes indicated that if you have a medical emergency that you should go to the nearest emergency room.

If more information becomes available or if the owner of the two businesses reaches out to Smokey with a statement, we will bring it to you.

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Latest Comments
  1. Ron Cornelius

    Can someone (anyone) tell me how to get
    my ‘Medical Records’ now that Manning
    is out of business ??

  2. Ron Cornelius

    How can I get my ‘Medical Records’ ??

  3. Nick

    Does anyone know how to get there medical records ? Or has anyone gotten them yet ?please tell me how if you can help

  4. Carol

    This really sucks. I’ve been going to Dr. Manning since they first opened. Later on he stopped seeing most patients so I was seen by a NP named Sheena Fox. The staff and doctors there ALWAYS made me feel calm and spoke in lay terms people could actually understand instead of doctor jargon. I surely hope Dr. Manning opens up a new clinic or something in PV again in the future. This is a real hit to the community on a personal and medical level.

  5. Torvis

    Did linda wade CNP work there?