After 2nd Break-In Food Bank Says, “We Don’t Have Cash.”

After 2nd Break-In Food Bank Says, "We Don't Have Cash."

After 2nd Break-In Food Bank Says, “We Don’t Have Cash.”

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – On Wednesday evening United Ministries Food Bank in Springfield was burglarized and now police are looking for those responsible.

According to a representative with the food bank, the perpetrator broke a window to gain entry and cut themselves in the process. Police now have fingerprints, boot prints, and blood DNA evidence.

The full inventory of what was taken is still being investigated but a cell phone used by the food bank was taken.

Ministry Director Sherry Martell told Smokey Barn News that she believes that the perpetrator(s) were looking for cash, a commodity the agency never has on-site.

“I’d like to let everyone know we do not have money at our location. We have food to help the people of Robertson,” Martell said.

According to Martell, this is the second break-in (through the same window) at the food bank in the past year. Every door, cabinet, and drawer was opened Martell said. “I think they were looking for cash but we don’t have any. What we do have is food.”

Martell said she wasn’t completely sure if any food was taken but if food was the target, they could have just knocked on the door, the food is free. “That’s what we do, we’re a food bank.”

Their hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 1:30 pm.

They are located at 808 S Main St in the heart of Springfield Tennessee. MAP

Due to COVID-19, you don’t even have to come in. Martell says you can just knock on the door and the food will be brought out to you. There’s no need to break the window in the middle of the night.

Martell added that cell phones will no longer be left in the facility during off-hours.

Anyone with information about this crime is encouraged to contact Springfield Police.

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