After Discovery Of Discarded Needles: Officials Issue Safe Disposal Advice

After Discovery Of Discarded Needles: Officials Issue Safe Disposal Advice

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –On Thursday afternoon, Greenbrier Fire Chief Kyle Hamill received a report of needles along the public roadway on Old Greenbrier Pike just off of US Hwy 41S in Greenbrier. MAP The Greenbrier Fire Department requested assistance from Robertson County Emergency Management Agency for a hazardous-materials response.

Robertson County EMS responded along with EMA to assist in the biohazardous waste clean-up of used medical needles. Units arrived on the scene and found an estimated 500 insulin-style needles, commonly used by people who have Type 1 (Insulin Dependent) Diabetes. There were also many lancet devices (used to stick fingers for small blood drop sampling for glucose measuring) and vials of insulin mixed within the needles.

Two large biohazardous waste containers were transported from the main EMS station and used to collect the needles and other waste. Personnel worked for over two hours using puncture-resistant gloves, medical exam gloves, rakes, and shovels to remove the needles and other biohazardous waste from the side of the roadway where the needles were scattered all about leaves, soil, and other vegetation. It appears that someone literally dumped a large volume of needles and other medical waste right over the guardrail alongside the edge of Old Greenbrier Pike.

Personnel on the scene of this clean-up made every effort possible to secure all potentially dangerous items that had been thrown out there. The area was checked four times over by different sets of eyes after sifting through the dirt and vegetation carefully. The two large biohazardous waste containers (approximately 30 gal each in size) were secured and transported back to the main EMS station where a biohazardous waste disposal company makes routine pick-ups. “We have made a call into the company that normally picks up this type of waste to request an early service visit this month.” said Robertson County EMS Director Brent Dyer.  “It is somewhat disturbing that someone would so carelessly dispose of biohazardous waste alongside a public roadway. To dump out medical waste like this is a reckless disregard for the health and safety of our community. We ask that everyone please use safe and appropriate means of disposing of biohazardous/medical waste, especially needles and other sharps.

“Our local EMS office cannot take medical waste such as used sharps from the public, however, there are convenient options for proper disposal. Here are some useful links and tips regarding the safe and appropriate disposal of medical waste, including sharps (needles):

What to do with used sharps in Tennessee? Click HERE

Per the TN Dept. of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) website, there will soon be a household hazardous waste collection event in Robertson County. Acceptable and unacceptable Items.

If you would like to bring your sealed container to a community sharps disposal program, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation sponsors seasonal household hazardous waste collection events that accept properly contained sharps from Tennessee residents.


The next event for Robertson County will be on May 11th from 8AM till noon at the Robertson County Transfer Station located at 2916 West County Farm Road in Springfield.

Household Hazardous Waste Mobile Collection Service in Robertson Co. May 13, 2023

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