“An Evening at Elmwood” Dinner With Historical figures

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Robertson County Historical Society hosts “An Evening at Elmwood,” June 1st! a fundraiser for the Historical Society. Patrons are treated to box suppers at Elmwood Cemetery and a walking tour of the cemetery, where local citizens portray historic figures that are buried at Elmwood. This annual event has become very popular. Get your tickets at the Museum located off the south west corner of the square. Call 382-7173 at the Robertson County History Museum. Only 100 tickets available. Get them early before sell out.

Stop by The Flooring Center on Memorial by the Springfield Drugs. They are selling tickets!

On display will be Mr. Fred Alley’s model T Ford restored. Come take pictures and see how it has lasted for over 80 yrs. and still runs! It will be driven to the Cemetery Tour and driven back home. Owned by Louis Burnett locally.

Elmwood flyer

iPhone/iPad users click on top photo or banner to play video of last years.               “An Evening at Elmwood” 2012http://youtu.be/5xwArSD25ms