Another Gunshot Victim Drives Himself To The Hospital

According to the victim, he felt something was wrong and tried to drive away…

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Monday June 2, 2014
Springfield, Tenn.

Another Gunshot Victim Drives Himself To Hospital

VolVapor Ad 300According to Springfield police, on Sunday around 10:16p.m.  officers were dispatched to Northcrest Medical Center’s Emergency Room in Springfield in reference to a gunshot victim. Officers went to NorthCrest and met with the victim, Marlon Torres, who told police that he and a friend were in the area of 21st and Blair in Springfield at the stop sign. According to Police, Torres said he and his passenger were allegedly approached by a black male and they; “made a deal with this black male for marijuana,” according to a police report obtained by Smokey Barn News. Torres, who was driving the vehicle, told police that he felt something was wrong and tried to drive away. That’s when a single shot was fired striking Torres in his right side. The passenger was not injured. Torres drove himself to NorthCrest Medical Center where he was stabilized and transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville via ground ambulance.

According to police, Marlon Torres will not face any charges.

Information and/or a description of the alleged shooter has not been released by police.

This is the second time in less than a month that a shooting victim has driven themselves to NorthCrest Medical Center in Springfield after being shot. Back on May 12th a man drove himself to NorthCrest after being shot multiple times in the chest, arms, legs and groin.  He survived thank’s to quick action by the staff at NorthCrest and later Vanderbilt. FULL STORY: Man Drives Himself To Hospital After Being Shot Multiple Times

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Springfield Police at 615-384-8422 or crime stoppers at 615-382-3799. All information is anonymous and crime stoppers will pay up to $1000.00 for information that leads to an arrest.

UPDATE: According to police the bullet passed through the Torres’ body is such a way that the injuries were not life threatening and he was released from the hospital at 3:41AM Monday morning.

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  1. afootupyours

    This is the “Pit Bull” effect, If you make an agreement to buy drugs, and don’t follow through the Dog will attack you. Deal or no deal your in for a rude awakening, a simple exchange is a thing of the pass, nowadays it’s about “stealing a life to gain a dollar”. Stay off the streets during late hours, if your out in south springfield, tn. during late hours your not looking for a good time, your asking for trouble, and in the hood near the projects is where it’s at, they call it “$outh town”.

    • sonny

      I grew up in ‘ south-town’ as they call it and it was rough but not dangerous like it is today.The chief of police says the crime rate is down and he has it under control my question is ‘what Springfield is he talking about? Three shooting this past week and the crime rate is down ? maybe shoplifting or j-walking but violent crime is not down by a long shot.I am not saying its all the chief or his officers fault but citizens need to call in anything they see that could be a crime and not pay any attention to that dispatcher at the police dept who wants your name you don’t have to give it out to the police.So get involved and report anything you see you believe is a crime or one about to happen ,don’t do anything just call the police.