Area School Closures Report

We are monitoring the situation, if the weather deteriorates, that may change
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Tuesday January 6, 2014
Robertson County, Tenn.

Area School Closures Report


Robertson County Schools Closed Due To Frigid Temperatures

Due to Frigid Temperatures All Public Robertson County Schools will be closed on Thursday January 8, 2015. Daycare will continue. Extracurricular activities and sports will continue…MORE


tl ford lease 300Sumner County schools have decided to close three hours early Wednesday and remain closed Thursday in expectation of the arctic weather system heading our way. After-school activities will be cancelled for both days.

No other school systems have announced closings at this time but according to one weather official we spoke to, that will likely change as the system enters the middle Tennessee area.

Smokey is in close contact with Robertson County School officials, should any change occur we will bring it to you.

Issued by The National Weather Service:

… Bitterly cold weather to arrive in the mid state on Wednesday…

An arctic cold front will move through the mid state late Tuesday night into Wednesday… Bringing an extended period of subfreezing temperatures and the coldest weather since January 2014.

Gusty northwest winds will be just below advisory criteria on Wednesday.

As the front pushes through Wednesday morning, winds of 10 to 20 mph will increase to 15 to 25 mph… With a few gusts of 30 to 35 mph possible by noon. During this time Highland Rim 300 adtemperatures will be near 20 degrees in the northern portion of middle Tennessee and in the lower to mid 20s in the south. Temperatures will continue to fall as we head into the afternoon hours while winds remain around 10 to 20 mph. This will allow for wind chills to dive below zero during the afternoon and evening hours on Wednesday.

Wind chills in the 0 to -5 degree range will be common across the area during this time. Stay tuned to updated forecasts as expected temperatures could fall and prompt the issuance of a wind chill advisory.

Temperatures are not expected to rise above freezing until Friday afternoon for areas south of i-40… But temperatures may remain below freezing until Saturday or even Sunday for locations north of i-40.

All preparations should be completed today for this upcoming long duration of subfreezing temperatures. Ensure water pipes are properly protected from the cold… And outdoor animals have adequate shelter. Make sure heat sources are working properly. Check that motor vehicles have proper levels of antifreeze and air pressure in tires. If going outdoors… Wear layers of clothing to protect from the cold weather.


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Robertson County Schools Closed Due To Frigid Temperatures

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