Attorneys Fletcher Long-Carrie Gasaway Found Guilty Of Extortion

Long and Gasaway were charged following a two-year investigation…

Attorneys Fletcher Long and Carrie Gasaway Found Guilty Of Extortion

Attorneys Fletcher Long and Carrie Gasaway Found Guilty Of Extortion

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Attorneys Fletcher Long, age 46, of Adams, TN. and Carrie Gasaway, age 44, of Clarksville, TN. were found guilty of extortion Tuesday, according to WKRN News 2.

The case went to trial last week and the jury delivered their verdict Tuesday.

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Back in March of 2014, Smokey Barn News obtained a release from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation that stated that after a two year investigation the T.B.I.  had arrested  Fletcher Long and Carrie Gasaway after a grand jury returned indictments of one count each of extortion.

On February 28, 2012 and at the request of District Attorney General John Carney, TBI began the investigation. In October 2010, the victim in this case alleged she sought legal services from Gasaway, Long and Associates for the purposes of representing her in the reading of her father’s will. An initial fee for the services was agreed upon by both parties, the release said.

Carrie GasawayAfter the will reading, the attorney, Carrie Gasaway, allegedly requested the victim sign a contract for an additional $50,000. When the victim refused to sign the contract, Carrie Gasaway and another attorney, Fletcher Long, allegedly made continued demands for the additional payment and then obtained an arrest warrant for the victim with a $75,000 bond. After the victim was arrested, she retained another attorney, who through a judge, had the bond reduced to $2,500, which allowed her to make bond and to be released.

On March 5, 2014, the case was presented to a Montgomery County Grand Jury, which returned indictments for one count (each) of Extortion against Gasaway and Long.

After they were indicted back in 2014 Gasaway and Long self-surrendered at the Montgomery County Jail. Both were released on their own recognizance.
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  1. Mysteeme

    These were just two of my attorneys in a civil case and I can’t begin to tell you about the nightmare that I am still enduring in the Clarksville, TN court system for over 6 years now. Long took lots of money from me, the $15,000.00 fee that he asked for. Then tried to go into court behind my back to tell the judge that I neglected my obligation to pay him. I guess looking for a default judgement of God knows what! I pray that they get the rest of them soon!! This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. afootupyours

    They always did remind me of something out of a horror movie. Well can you say the Ghost got busted (Ghost buster) Lol!

  3. Liz Jackson

    My only hope is these two bullies and thieves better known as Fletcher Long and Carrie Gasaway get the maximum jail time allowed for what they have spent the better part of their lives doing and that is robbing innocent people who are in need of help and turned to them. It is dispicable what tradgety these two thieves have inflicted upon so many people bilking them for their life savings and making promises that neither intended to keep… Fletcher Long I hope the day of reconing hits you like a ton of bricks and Gasaway you get the max time allowed. See how you like sitting behind bars.

    • sonny

      MISS JACKSON powerful people as these two are never go to prison especially in TENNESSEE home of the ‘good ole boys’ who take care of each other.After years own appeals it will be kicked back and they will receive probation and still allowed to practice law.You have to be in the ‘click’ to get this special treatment and only a few chosen ones are allowed in,people like us always have to look from the outside we are not in the ‘click’ we are the ones who have to pay-up while others enjoy the benefits.