Authorities Seek Missing Springfield Teen (FOUND SAFE)

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Authorities Seek Missing Springfield Teen

UPDATE: Missing Teen Found SAFE

Christina Hanshew has been found safe in Dandridge, TN according to her mother Angela Hanshew. Dandridge in about 4 hours East of Springfield.

According to her mother Angela , Christina is now in police custody and she is in good shape. Angela is on her way to get her.

Angela wanted to convey to the community that she is very grateful to everyone that shared her story and assisted with the search efforts. The first search rally to find Christina  was scheduled to be held Saturday morning.

The plan was to meet at the parking lot next to Waffle House in Springfield and flyers would be handed out to be distributed. Christina was found safe minutes before the rally was set to begin. The rally was called off.

————— Reported earlier

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE (Smokey Barn News) Christina Hanshew age 14 of has been missing  since07/15/2015, at 3:30 am, at her family residence in Springfield, TN.  She has blonde/brown hair, blue eyes and is 5ft  3in and approximately 160 pounds. It is believed that she had been talking on line to older men, not only in TN, but also in other states, and that she may have left with one of these subjects she met on line….

Smokey spoke to Christina’s mother Angela Hanshew Friday evening. She told us she is heartsick and worried about her daughter. We asked her if she had a message for her daughter; “Christina, your mom loves you, please come home. I can not sleep another night without you. You won’t be in trouble, you wont, I just want you home baby-girl, I need you home, I love you.”

If you would like to assist in the search for Christina, a group will be meeting at in the Big-Lots parking lot next to Waffle House in Springfield Saturday morning at 11 o’clock. “We are going door to door, we’re going to pass out flyers, we’re going to look for my daughter,” Angela told Smokey Barn News Friday evening.

If you see her please contact Springfield Police at 615-384-8422 or Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799.


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Latest Comments
  1. Angela

    There are absolutely no leads no she is not been found nor has she contacted us know a no Amber Alert has been made either. I have requested for this to be put on the news and Amber Alert and every time I do I get told no I can’t have this done because the situation doesn’t meet their criteria. That’s bull she is a 14 year old child that has been abducted even though she might have walked out the door she was still taken regardless please help me fight these news people and get her picture posted on that TV so that she knows her mom and dad are looking for her again thanks for everything

  2. Ashley

    Why is there no Amber alert???

    • Debbie Gilstrap

      I have been asking the same question..We are having a 20 mile radius walk around Springfield tomorrow (Sat) at 11:00am. We are meeting at the Waffle House in Springfield. We will be passing out flyers and searching for any leads hoping to get her back home safe.
      Anyone that would like to join us or help in any way will be greatly appreciated. Let’s get this child back home safe.

  3. Debbie Gilstrap

    She has not been found. We have been helping the family pass out flyers all over Springfield and surrounding areas all afternoon. Trucking companies scanned the flyer and sent it out to all their truck drivers.
    Why is there not an Amber alert put out for this 14 year old child? Why is there nothing being done for this child?

  4. Amelia Sullivan

    does anyone know if she has been found yet? my little sister went to school with her and was in her classes. im so sorry for the mother. from one mother to enother i wouldnt even begin to understand. please keep us updated!

  5. Austin Smith

    Thanks to all who share this. She’s my sister and we are praying she gets home safe

    • Becki

      Major Warren and I are praying for your family and praying your sister gets home safely!

    • Lena Smith

      Is there any update Austin? Please tell your mom if she needs me to call me

    • Julia

      Prayers for your family members. . May God guide her back home