Baby Found Naked In Parking Lot “SAFE” Police Say

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Baby Found Naked In Parking Lot “SAFE” Police Say

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A maintenance man at the 17th Ave. apartment complex located at  2565 17th Avenue East in Springfield found a naked baby estimated to be around 2 years-old walking around aimlessly in the parking lot around noon today.

Police were called to investigate the situation. The child had unlocked the door while the Mother was washing clothes. The mother realized the child was missing and went looking, she saw the fire trucks and ran over horrified and in tears.

EMS was called to look over the child who checked out fine.

Standard procedure will be to contact DCS and police will conduct an official investigation, according to Springfield Police chief David Thompson.

Police say the mother of three will not face any charges and they don’t believe that the incident was anything more than a very smart and inquisitive little boy that had a bit of an adventure.

The child will likely forget the incident, the mother however will probably be nailing all the doors and windows shut.

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