Baby Marion On Life Support After Sudden Brain Bleed

News that Marion had  suffered an extreme brain bleed and seizures…..corbin creek mums 511 adcSmokey Barn News
Thursday October 16, 2014
Robertson County, Middle Tenn.

Baby Marion On Life Support After Sudden Brain Bleed

Remember this little cutie? Her name is Marion and she is just 2 1/2 months old. Last week this beautiful little girl was the star of Smokey’s “Cute Pic Of The week.

aSmokey is now sad to report that just days after we posted her photo, the family of baby Marion contacted us with news that Marion had suffered an extreme brain bleed and seizures. Since baby Marion fell ill she has been on life support and will most likely be in the hospital for at least a month.

While she isn’t completely in the clear yet, the doctor says he feels hopeful that she will live, but she will most likely have long term disabilities, according to her family. Marion faces a long road of rehabilitation but the family is sticking together to get through this tragic ordeal.

Marion’s Mom Amaran recently said, “As long as she lives, they can take my house, car, and cut off my electricity, I don’t care. She is number one to me. I am just so happy she is making small improvements each day.”

Parents, Elliot and Amaran Craig sit by their daughter Marion’s side day in and day out. They take the time off of work without hesitation to be by Marion’s side as much as they can.

With the health of their baby being the primary focus, there is no room for them to worry about the hospital bills that will soon be piling up, or how they’ll be able to afford her future rehabilitation therapies. Friends and family are offering all they can to help but rarely know what would actually benefit the Craig’s.

bWith that thought in mind, friends of the family have set up a donation page if you would like to reach out to the family financially but, more over, the family would like to ask the community for their prayers.

The Craig’s were planning a move to Robertson County to be near family, they were planning a new home and business venture but now, all their plans are on hold. Marion is the Craig’s first child and they are so very much in love with her. Her grandmother Mary Hester (local resident of Robertson county) is needless to say, heartbroken over the ordeal.

Looking at this beautiful child it seems almost impossible to believe that anything like this could happen, it’s a harsh reality that we all face. Smokey is hoping that this story will spark Robertson County into action with words of encouragement and prayer for this young family.

The family asks that you keep their daughter in your prayers Friday as they await the results of a scheduled M.R.I. which will reveal how Marion is reacting to treatment.

Donate to the Craig family.

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