Bethel Rd Country Store Closed For Years, Reopens

The authentic feeling of an old timey store has been cleverly maintained….Springfield Guitar Paino purple 511

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Saturday January 24, 2015
Millersville, Robertson County, Middle Tenn.

 Bethel Rd Country Store Closed For Years, Reopens


Charity and J.R. Castleman

Wedged between Millersville, Greenbrier and Ridgetop, the Early Bird Country Store has reopened.

After being open for literally decades, the store closed a few years ago and suddenly its future seemed uncertain, that is until Charity and J.R. Castleman decided something had to be done. Sitting in a location that the big superstores can’t quite squeeze into, the (now called) Early Bird Country Store is just where it’s always been, 7062 Bethel Rd.  SEE MAP.

Ask the locals the address and they probably wont know it, everyone just knows where it is.  Like something out of the past,  Early Bird offers a warm smile and conversation the moment you set foot inside the little store that doesn’t seem to know it’s 2015, and that’s exactly what the Castlemans wanted.

The Castlemans bought the building back in November and immediately began the process of bringing the old store back to life. Being local residents their entire lives, the Castlemans felt the store was part of history, not just theirs but the town’s too.

CountryStore0005Charity Castleman said that some of her love for the store came from the countless times her father took her to mom and pop stores. “I enjoyed the feeling and I just wanted to bring something like that back to the community.    J.R. Castleman said, “I wanted to do something to bring the community back together.”

The inside is very cozy and warm and seems to invoke conversation. The authentic feeling of an old timey store has been cleverly maintained with just the right amount of technology and efficient use of the small space. See slideshow below…. The Castlemans have also added a lot to the stores inventory to serve a wider audience.

Charity is also a Stylist at Parlour Three in Brentwood and will be at the store as much as she can but J.R. will be holding down the fort full time.  They’re also getting a lot of help from family so there will be no shortage of good conversation when you stop by.

They’re open from 5am to 7pm but they will be experimenting with hours. They are closed on Sundays. “We’re leaving the roads open for the church,” J.R. said.

Charity, said, “Come check it out and take a trip down memory lane,”

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Latest Comments
  1. Todd Eldridge

    I barely remember the OLD Valley View Christian Camp before the interstate went through Teresa, but our family were the caretakers during the early 80’s and my father would take the campers up there once a week on a hayride. Great to see this young couple step up and reopen it! I’m now in Atlanta but I’ll make it a point to stop by next time I’m HOME for a visit.

  2. teresa parrish

    I lived at valley view camp before the interstate went thru. Then lived on halls red. Which is s. Mt pleasant red. The rest of my life. My mama and daddy both went in to Jud Jones store and always took me at least 4 times a week. When I got older Lanie tucker and I would ride our bikes there . Then I got older and started driving and I stopped all the time later I took my sons in the store and I was so disappointed when ms Jones died and the store eventually closed.
    Jim Edwards use to sit on his porch and wave at everyone. You would always run into old friends. I am so happy the store is opened.again.

  3. Ronnie

    I’ve eaten many sandwiches from Jud Jones’ store there. It’s excellent to hear that it’s open again.