Budget: Sheriff Holt Says ‘Can’ Kicked Too Far

Budget: Sheriff Holt Says ‘Can’ Kicked Too Far 

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE (Smokey Barn News) The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office says they need more money to do their job and have asked for budget that would translate into about a 9.5 cent property tax increase for Roberson County property owners..

The Budget Committee apparently agrees with Robertson County Sheriff Bill Holt and have unanimously voted to forward his request for more money to the County Commission for a yes or no vote. The decision will be made later in the year when the County Commission has the full budget in front of them.

Holt presented his case to the Robertson County Budget Committee last month.

Holt sat down with Smokey Barn News on Friday to give us a first hand look at what the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office needs and why.

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  1. Bruce

    A police officer can not be everywhere at all times to protect everyone. If more lawabiding citizens would utilize their 2nd Admenment and arm them selves to protect not only their self, but their family, property and others as well our law enforcement departments would not be stretched to their limits with all of the crime that we have today.

  2. Russ White

    The priorities of our county leaders are backwards. There are other areas to cit our budget than the Sheriffs Department. Increasing taxes is not the answer. We can’t continue that trend. We will turn out like New Jersey. I do understand how people feel though. The department has a bad habit of arresting first, then opening an investigation. Very bad.

  3. Think before you spend

    Maybe it would have been smarter to NOT plant little trees along Memorial Blvd! That money could have been better spent. Now all those trees require trimming and have to be weeded and mowed around. Stupidly placed under power lines and established trees, where eventually the roots will mess up our side walks!

    If the raise in taxes would just keep the criminals in jail, I would be happy to pay. Better yet, don’t just allow them to sit around in an air conditioned jail cell with 3 meals a day chiing with their buddies. Put them out into the fields in 100 degree weather working the same long hours as the Hispanics they have been robbing.

    • uyg yguy

      Cant do that stupid.If he lets inmates go outside jail .He cant keep super max with the state.

  4. Don Terry

    Sherif Holt is an honorable man, who works hard to protect the county. He has outlined the reason financial needs. Now need to empower our elected official to do what needs to be done to keep the county safe.

  5. Curious