Burglary In Broad Daylight, Suspect Captured

 burglary on 119 11th Ave East in Springfield occurring in broad daylight.
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Monday April 21, 2014
Springfield Tenn

Burglary In Broad Daylight, Suspect Captured 

suspect3Around 1:15pm this afternoon April 21 Officer Harrison and Sgt. Head with the Springfield Police Department responded to a complaint of a residential burglary at 119 11th Ave East in Springfield occurring in broad daylight. The burglary was in progress so the two officers wasted no time and arrived very quickly, according to Springfield Police Chief David Thompson.

Funeral services ad 300When officers arrived at the address they noticed a man matching the suspect’s description running down  11th Ave towards Hill Street.  When officers approached the suspect he fled on foot behind Larry’s restaurant, across Central Ave, South down Batts Blvd until he was apprehended by the officers on Batts Blvd and 15th Ave.  The suspect was identified as 19 year old Dondrequis Lee.  The suspect was carrying approximately 2.9 ounces of Marijuana and burglary tools located inside of a backpack.  The suspect is charged with Aggravated Burglary $7,500.00 bond, Evading Arrest $300.00 bond, Possession of Burglary Tools $300.00 bond and Possession of drugs for resale $3,000.00 bond.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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  1. afootupyours

    Is this Danny Glover’s son?

  2. afootupyours


  3. jon doe

    Like they said. Free bubba and when he breaks in wrong house and catches a few bullets then lets free whoever did that to. Its only fair….. so yeah free bubba and hope someone takes the low life out. If you want to steal from hard working people then we should be able to give them what they deserve.

  4. harriass

    I’m so sick of people saying smokey is false reporting. If the police report this, then that is what they say happened. Not SMOKEY!!! HOW HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE???? SMH!!!

  5. The central streak

    I heard it was a dope house and the weed was stolen from the house. The House needs to be condemned.