Caught In The Act: Phone Scams On The Rise This Holiday Season

Hear A Scammer Caught In The Act You Won’t Believe How Brazen
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Smokey Barn News
Thursday November 20, 2014
Springfield, Robertson County, Tenn.

Phone Scams On The Rise This Holiday:

Hear A Scammer Caught In The Act

You Won’t Believe How Brazen  

Phone Scams On The Rise This Holiday:

There are several phone scams going around. It seems people are willing to say anything to trick people into giving them cash over the phone. In the last few months people have claimed to be with the IRS, the Sheriff’s Department, Medicare.

It’s all in an attempt to trick innocent people into paying them money over the
phone. In the most recent scam, residents and even companies are getting a call from someone saying they’re with the utilities department and unless you adpay them now (over the phone) your power, gas and even water will be disconnected and turned off.

After being targeted by this same scam, one local company captured the callers phone number. The company called Smokey and told us about the scam and they gave us the number. We called the number to see what would happen, the caller told we needed to pay him by cash (now) or we’d lose all of our utilities. To hear the call, see our video report above.


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  1. lucy

    I felt I should share this call I got last week. Caller claimed he was FedEx and that there was an unclaimed package under my name. Said he needed to verify my info so they could send it to my address. I hung up, although I should have told him that this phone number’s listed at and tagged as a scammer’s.