Change Is Coming For Old Springfield Cinema

The first part of the process will be to completely remove the old marquee an…..

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Tuesday October 28, 2014
Springfield, Robertson County, Tenn.

Change Is Coming For Old Springfield Cinema

If you remember, last September Carmike management asked Smokey to post a question to the community. The Springfield Cinema owners wanted to know if they should modernize the appearance of the front of the building and the marquee, or go with a more historical approach…

The hands down winner was to go with an older historical look. (See story and Comments)  Well, Robertson County, it looks like they heard you and the wheels of change are finally rolling up to the old theater.

According to Springfield Codes Administrator Mark Fields, phase one will start almost immediately. The first part of the process will be to completely remove the old marquee and awning. That part will be done within the next 30 days,  Fields said.

The next part will be to start on the construction. Though they don’t have a concept or design yet, it will be a top down redesign, all the way to the roof-line, according to Fields.

Fields told Smokey that the front of the building (the awning and the marquee) really needed to come down. It has suffered water damage over the years and it needs to be replaced.  Fields said that Carmike management has been very cooperative and a pleasure to work with.

Though the awning and marquee will come down shortly, the actual construction work should begin within 90 days, according to Fields.

Fields said Carmike executives have been looking at old historic photographs of the theater and plan to model it after its appearance somewhere between the 1930’s to 195o’s. Fields said, it should be very nice.

Smokey will of course keep you posted with cool photos throughout the process.

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Latest Comments
  1. afootupyours

    We are finally moving forward, can we get some one part of the theater for kids, rated PG and the other part rated R etc.?

  2. Myra Gore Gregory

    Wonderful! But the inside needs updating also. The last time I went to a movie, the new seats installed were hard plastic. So uncomfortable.
    I remember the original seats in the mid to late 50’s were cushioned on the seat and back.

  3. Myra Gore Gregory

    PLEASE revamp the inside along with the update of the outside. The last time I went to the movie, the management stated she had just replaced the seats.
    They were hard plastic!!! So uncomfortable. And yes, it was still dirty!!