Chief Expresses Concerns For Victim And Witness Safety In Staten Case

Springfield Police Chief is expressing concern over a judges decision to allo…
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Smokey Barn News
Friday August 15, 2014
Springfield, Robertson County, Tenn.

 Chief Expresses Concerns For Victim And Witness Safety In Staten Case


Springfield Police Chief David Thompson is expressing concern over a judges decision to allow two “very violent” brothers to be out on bond yesterday even after they were convicted of Attempted 2nd Degree Homicide and Aggravated Assault.

After the victim and witnesses have faced these people in a courtroom, face to face, more than once now, the convicted brothers are out unsupervised basically free to roam until they are sentenced, sends a very bad message,” Chief  Thompson told Smokey Barn News today.

See Smokey’s full interview with Chief Thompson in the special report above.


Springfield Brothers Convicted In Attempted Homicide Case

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Latest Comments
  1. Corrupted Courts

    Judge mike Jones who will retire in two weeks made this decision. The voters of Robertson County are only getting what they have elected. They helped re-elect Judge Gasaway, whose wife is under indictment along with Fletcher Long and who word has it had the montgomery county Sheriff looking to try and repo his Cadillac escalade in the weeks before the election. We might as well have boss hog on the bench and Roscoe P. Coltrian as Sheriff. All these crooks get released without bond or with hardly no bond. Our system is the laughing stock of all the surrounding counties. We now have replaced Davidson county as the most crooked place in middle Tennessee.

    • Sonny Free

      I take exception to the sneer on the sheriff ,bill holt is the best thing to happen to robertson county in a very long time my friend,he cleaned out the sheriffs office on the first day he took over some resigned before being fired and we all know about what was there for years doing as they pleased well that gang is long gone and have no more power in robertson county.Crime in the county is down while crime in SPRINGFIELD is up way up and the inmate education program installed by sheriff holt and his staff is a well deserved program he helped start.As for judge michael jones he was one of the few honest judges ever in robertson county fair and didn’t let the DAs office and police control his courtroom as other judges do.The days of police ordering judges to obey them never went on in judge jones courtroom i can’t say that for judges on the bench today.Newly elected judge BILL GOODWIN is a much needed man to hear cases he is fair honest and won’t take no bull from police they want dictate to him who they want in jail or out.As for judge gassaway i think his record speaks for itself and burton glover all i can say is my mother told me to never use cuss words i will honor her.

  2. Judy roberson

    Springfield used to be this lay back kinda place you wanted to live at. Today you have to look over your shoulder at how’s around you. The problem starts at the top your all correct there to worried about putting people with simple slap on the wrist cases behind bars instead there letting the real criminals out. Don’t you think there’s something a little backwards with are Justice System in Robertson County. And thanks to the Judge for that stupid decision we all can sleep with one eye open.