Congressman Black Says, Enough Speeches Obama

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Washington – Tuesday, Congressman Diane Black issued the following statement ahead of President Obama’s “jobs” speech in Chattanooga, TN.

Congressman Black isn’t holding back on her belief that Obama’s speeches are not a good remedy for a failing economy. Smokey has yet to delve into editorializing and we’re not going to start here, and we’re also not going to try to determine the indicative nature of Congressman Black’s perspective in congress, but this  statement by Black  stood out due to it’s direct nature and obvious reflection of Congressman Black’s feelings of Obama’s leadership.

The following is Congressman Black’s direct response to Obama’s Chattanooga speech in Chattanooga Tuesday.

“True to form, President Obama’s prescription for an ailing economy is yet another speech. Unfortunately, while the President’s speech in Chattanooga today will be soon forgotten, his failing economic policies will be hurting American families for some time to come.

“For example, the President’s health care law is a complete disaster, leading employers to slash workers’ hours or give up hiring all-together. With 11.8 million Americans looking for work, this Administration continues to sneer in the face of commonsense and overwhelming public support by blocking the Keystone XL pipeline project that would create as many as 20,000 jobs. And with Tennesseans and Americans across the country struggling to stay afloat in the Obama economy, the President is pursuing a red tape regulatory agenda that will lead to skyrocketing energy prices for our nation’s businesses and consumers.

“The facts speak for themselves: since President Obama was elected, two Americans have gone on food stamps for every one that has found work. This is unacceptable and why the President needs to park Air Force One and start working with Congress to pursue policies that will help rather than hurt the American people.”———

What do you think, is she right? How do you decide when the economy is the fault of  Washington or just the nature of global business cycles throughout the world?

Sometimes presidents get credit for things they had nothing to do with. Clinton was given credit for the Internet economic boom that would have happened even if we had no president at all.

Don’t assume I’m defending Obama, I’m just pointing out that Wall Street must assume at least some of the blame for sending the housing market into the dirt.

As presidents come and  go throughout history each one leaves their own historical record for future students to study. Obama is clearly writing his own textbook and it seems that Congressman Black would like to skip to the end of chapter 8.

Congressman Black is the U.S. Congressional Representative for Robertson County.

Jim Ball reporting

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