Coopertown Loses New Police Chief Over Retirement Plan

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Coopertown chief retirement

Coopertown Loses New Police Chief Over Retirement Plan 

After a careful screening process and many interviews, Coopertown finally had a new Police Chief, Clay Anderson. Smokey was invited by to meet the new chief back on July 21,  the day he accepted. He seemed very excited and ready for a new phase in his career.

Anderson was set to start his new role as Coopertown Police Chief  next week and everything was in the works for a smooth transition, however, after many hours of research, Anderson realized that his old plan was not compatible with Coopertown’s retirement plan, according to Coopertown Mayor Sam Childs. There was just no way to do it.

This lack of compatibility meant that many years of investment into a plan that Anderson had been with for years (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System or T.C.R.S.) could be lost.

Coopertown offered (T.C.R.S.) to its employees years ago but changed over to a new plan called Ameritas. “Changing back to T.C.R.S. would be a difficult process at this point,” Childs said.

The two plans were just not compatible which left Anderson with a very difficult decision, stay where he is and protect his current retirement plan or risk it by joining Coopertown’s plan, Ameritas, Childs said.

Apparently Anderson felt the risk to his retirement portfolio was too great meaning, that he would not be able to accept the new position in Coopertown after all.  Frankly who can’t blame him, we all work hard to make sure our retirement is ready for us when we get there, it’s just part of life.

Now Coopertown officials will be revisiting the other two finalists,  Leonard Keeler and Laurence Dennis.

Since 2006, Dennis has been with the Tennessee State University as a Police officer. He also served as the Coopertown Police Chief for several months back in 2003 and 2004.

From 1984-2012, Keeler was a police criminal investigator with the Metro Nashville Police Department before he retired.

We were sad to receive the news from Anderson but we are also optimistic that Leonard Keeler and Laurence Dennis are also great candidates and we will be re-interviewing them as soon as their schedules permit,” said Mayor Childs.


Coopertown Announces New Police Chief 

COOPERTOWN TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) On Tuesday,  after a long process of searching and interviewing, Coopertown officials announced that a new police chief has been chosen.

After looking at over 20 candidates Coopertown has chosen Clay Anderson as their new police chief.

Anderson,  a lieutenant with the Humphrey’s County Sheriff’s Office, will officially assume his duties as Coopertown Police Chief on August 10th.

Anderson started his career in 1986 and has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He’s also a graduate of the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and has worked for Metro Nashville Police.

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