Deer Leaps In Front Of Mother & Daughter On Memorial Blvd

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The Buck Stops Here, It’s That Time Of Year Again

a 023The buck really did stop for a mother with her young daughter from Greenbrier this evening in Springfield when their vehicle impacted one of them.   The good sized buck jumped out in front of them on Memorial Blvd between Stonewall Dr and Academy Dr in Springfield (Exact Location Of Wreck) The accident occurred around 8:32 P.M. Wednesday evening.

The driver told Smokey that the deer was big, and by the looks of the car’s damage, and the fact that the airbags deployed, we’d have to agree.  “It was just right there in front of me, there was no way I could stop” the driver told Smokey. Her little girl was clearly shaken by the ordeal. Just imagine a deer appearing out of nowhere in front of you, then the impact followed quickly by the airbags exploding in your face. That would even be enough to jolt the nerves of martial arts action star Chuck Norris.

Thankfully the two were not injured, though they did step inside the ambulance for a few minutes to get a quick look over and debriefing by our wonderfully calming EMT’s.

a 005The most shocking part of this story, literally within minutes someone  came by and collected the deer, which is legal. It was just surprising that someone grabbed the deer so quickly, Smokey didn’t even have a chance to take a photo of it.

At any rate, it’s that time of year again,  deer are on the move. According to the site, deer become more  dangerous this time of year. We’re moving into the mating season or “the rut” for deer. According to the site, this time of year “bucks chase does with reckless abandon”. The normally-wary animals go nuts cruising for chicks.

OK, so as I told the lovely lady in the wreck this evening, this is going to be Smokey’s “It’s that time of year again, watch out, slow down and be careful, the deer have all gone mad” story.

Jim Ball reporting
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