Disaster Averted After Fuel Tanker Ignites In Springfield

Disaster Averted After Fuel Tanker Ignites In Springfield

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Disaster was narrowly averted after a fuel tanker at TriStar Energy in Springfield ignited early Sunday.

Officials say a passerby noticed the fire at 1:20 am and called 911. TriStar Energy is located at a triangular intersection between Memorial Blvd, East 16th Ave, and Matthews St. LOCATION OF FIRE

According to officials, the positioning of the tanker side by side with other tankers increased the possibility of a chain reaction if the tanker had gone unnoticed for much longer.

Officials say the fire likely started in the dash of the tanker and spread forward to the engine and back to the tank burning a large hole in the tank itself. Officials said the placards on the tanker indicate it was labeled for both liquid gasoline and diesel fuel but it appeared that the forward part of the tanker was empty. Officials are still investigating what type of fuel was in the forward part of the tanker but they believe it contained diesel fuel which is less volatile than regular gasoline.

As you can see Springfield Firefighters responded quickly and bravely tackled the fire, putting their lives on the line.  As we watched from a distance we couldn’t help but be concerned for the safety of our first responders. It’s a job not suited for everyone.

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