Do Millersville Police Officers Have Quotas? Smokey Investigates….

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Smokey Barn News, August 28, 2013 Millersville Tennessee

Do Millersville Police Officers Have Ticket Quotas? Smokey Investigates.

Millersville ciry hallSmokey received a copy of a letter that was sent out to police officers of the Millersville police force. Below is a copy of that letter, as you can see it appears that the memo refers to a numeric or points system to calibrate officer performance. With that thought in mind Smokey met with Millersville Police Chief Ronnie Williams to find out if officers actually do have ticket quotas.



(BELOW) Provided by Millersville Police Chief Ronnie Williams. The digits at far right in the box is the time (in minutes) it takes (on average) for each type of call.points chart

We bring you ALL the News in Robertson County, Tennessee.

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