Do Millersville Police Officers Have Quotas? Smokey Investigates….

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Smokey Barn News, August 28, 2013 Millersville Tennessee

Do Millersville Police Officers Have Ticket Quotas? Smokey Investigates.

Millersville ciry hallSmokey received a copy of a letter that was sent out to police officers of the Millersville police force. Below is a copy of that letter, as you can see it appears that the memo refers to a numeric or points system to calibrate officer performance. With that thought in mind Smokey met with Millersville Police Chief Ronnie Williams to find out if officers actually do have ticket quotas.



(BELOW) Provided by Millersville Police Chief Ronnie Williams. The digits at far right in the box is the time (in minutes) it takes (on average) for each type of call.points chart

We bring you ALL the News in Robertson County, Tennessee.

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Latest Comments
  1. Clinton Jones

    What do you expect from a Chief that was hired as Chief and had NEVER been through the academy until after being made Chief???? Sounds ridiculous huh? That’s because it is!

    Chief Williams NEVER had any experience other than being a reserve officer who just wanted to come out and “play police” writing tickets. He never made any arrests that I know of.

    And as far as that moron racist Captain Mark Palmer goes…he doesn’t need to be wearing a badge ANYWHERE! He is a piece of pure white trash that gets off on mistreating Blacks and Latinos! He’s been doing it for many many years!

  2. Trailer queen

    Come on now. millersville is the states biggest trailer park. It is a really dirty city full of north davidson county trash. Louisville hwy is dead, as it is not a quick way to get anywhere. As for their cops they are some of the dumbest retard cops around. (Especially the chief who has the spelling skills of a 3rd grader.). Chief maybe you shouldn’t put these things in writing. Duh. If I was the mayor I would fire you immediately just for your poor grammar and spelling.

  3. citizen

    I agree with you, maybe he needs to go back to school for english and spelling… my nine year old can type a better memo than this one…

    • citizen

      Millersville PD has always had it’s issues, i know this for a fact. They operate on a buddy system and yes they protect their own. I would go into more but i would rather not due to any retaliation.

  4. ron b

    no tickets right that why you got that new city hall coopertown jr .I drive on 65 late nights glad I don’t live there when there sitting on the 65 with their lights off while the town gets robbed . and is it legal in the state for them to sit with no lights on ? and really teddy

  5. JBreeze

    All agencies have some type of standard that have to be met / maintained. I feel as if yes there seem to be a “ticked off” employee or employees. If you would just do your job, and do it to the best of your ability you will not have any type of problem!! I stand behind my Cheif, there has to be accountability. If “they / it” worked at a factory, they would have to maintain a certain level of productvity, if not they would be fired! Well in this case he has not fired / reprimanded.

    • b.lester

      I am sure there are some ticked off employees. AS well they should be. this policy was put into place to generate tickets. If you look at the population in White House and the population of millersville you will see that White House has over four times the residents and just as much traffic if not more and they have a third as many tickets. So you want to tell me that our city is being protected when you make a officer go to I-65 and sit to write tickets and leave only one other car in the city. What about the officers that work nights.. What if they get no calls and take no reports……I would say that means they have to write five tickets that night. I know the call volume is much lower on week nights. I would hate to be the poor night shift guy that has Friday and Saturday off..That poor guy has to rite 80 tickets a month…

  6. Teddy

    The spelling and grammar used on this memo is atrocious! I think Mr. Williams needs a check and balance on the proper use of English. How can he be taken serious if his memo looks like this? Shameful for our children to see such people in power that can not write properly.