(RAW VIDEO) Family Escapes Fiery Crash On 49 Sunday Morning

A Portland family traveling with a baby is lucky to be alive Sunday morning after the driver fell asleep at the wheel and careened off Hwy 49 and hit a tree in Springfield. The car then burst into flames. See raw footage.  Exact Location Of Wreck One (car) At about that same time a large bus went out of control and struck a guardrail on Hwy 24 in Pleasant View slowing traffic for abut an hour. Exact Location Of Wreck Two (Bus).http://youtu.be/hA2nWxa35oY



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  1. professional fire fighter

    The reason it took more water is the single fire fighter on the hose line was not wearing full Personal Protective equipment including his turnout coat, helment and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. Dangerous and very unprofessional.