Family Wants To Thank Good Samaritan…

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Family Wants To Thank Good Samaritan…

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News)-  Greenbrier resident Jennifer Lee has reached out to Smokey Barn News for one reason, to publicly say thank you to a good Samaritan and first responders who were there when her family needed them.

Today, my husband, son, and I were headed home, well actually home and then to Vandy children’s hospital. After an afternoon outing, my son just did not seem like himself. We were on Blackpatch Drive and my son started to have a seizure, first time for him and us as parents. After I finally got my husband to stop, I had him on the phone with 911 dispatch.

He was hysterical as I tried to care for our son. I just want to say a public thank you to the good Samaritan that stopped and helped. Her calming voice made such a difference. Her reassurance to me was greatly appreciated as my husband was a nervous wreck.

The Springfield police were first on the scene followed by the ambulance and fire. They cared for our boy like one of their own. Until you have something impact you directly, these agencies and their duties can be taken lightly. I’m most appreciative of the good Samaritan, I didn’t get her name, but I’m so thankful God put her in our path today.

My son did have a seizure, he has recovered from today’s episode well, more testing to answer the why’s, but thankful I’m able to hug his neck today.”


Jennifer Lee

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