VIDEO: Fire At Baggetts Erosion, Possibly The Largest Barn Fire In Robertson County History

Possibly The Largest Barn Fire In Robertson County History

“In my twenty years as a firefighter it is the largest barn fire I’ve seen”
One firefighter told Smokey

The building belongs to Baggetts Erosion Inc on Hwy 161 in the Barren Plains Community just outside Springfield. Robertson County Rescue Squad, North Robertson Fire and Rescue, Adams Fire, Orlinda Fire, and White House Community were called to the tremendous blaze at Baggetts Erosion Tuesday afternoon a little before 2pm.  Baggetts is located 5830 Hwy 161 map Exact location:

The massive building is similar in size to a football field over 300 feet long and is a total loss. The only reason the structure hasn’t collapsed sooner is due to it’s packed contents of 100’s of hay bales. Firefighters will be working throughout the evening to keep the fire contained.

The fire is likely to burn for days, the only real way to put it out would be to use heavy equipment and  take the building apart.

UPDATE: Wednesday evening March 27th 9:PM the fire is still burning. There’s little fire crews can do but let it burn itself out.


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