Former Greenbrier Mayor’s Son Charged In Springfield Armed Robbery

Former Greenbrier Mayor’s Son Charged In Springfield Armed Robbery

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – After releasing the story on the Springfield Check-Into-Cash armed robbery to the media last week, Springfield Police received a call from a Metro Nashville Detective. The Detective indicated that Metro was working several similar cases that had the same M.O..

Metro Police provided Springfield Police with a still photo​ ​captured from another ​​Check-Into-Cash robbery​ ​that​ ​clearly showed the suspects face. A Springfield Police Officer immediately recognized the man in the photo as Aaron Wilson,​ ​22​ ​, of Greenbrier, according to Detective Chuck Bogle with the Springfield Police Department.

Witnesses have “positively identified” Wilson as the same man that robbed the Check-Into-Cash in Springfield, Bogle said. In conjunction with Metro Police an arrest warrant was issued for Wilson. Wilson was located at a Nashville mall and taken into custody without incident. Wilson’s bond was set at $200,000

transmission-exchange-300x250Police have recovered the hat and glasses the suspect used in more than one robbery, Bogle said. ​

For the armed robbery at the ​Springfield Check-Into-Cash, ​Springfield Police are seeking a Grand Jury Indictment against Wilson for Aggravated Robbery.

Aaron Wilson is the son of former Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson.

Around 5pm Wednesday​ December 7, 2016​ a man armed with a handgun calmly walked into the Check-In-Cash on Memorial Blvd and very politely asked for all the money in the cash drawer.

Check Into Cash is located in Springfield in the Kroger shopping center located at 2554 Memorial Blvd. MAP

Police say the demeanor of the man suggests that this was not his first robbery. The suspect calmly walked into the business without a mask or gloves, displayed a weapon, politely asked for the cash and calmly walked out.

Anyone with information about this crime is encouraged to contact Springfield Police at 615-384-8422 or Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799. All information is anonymous.

Photo Courtesy WKRN News 2

Original Story: Polite Armed Robber Holds Up Springfield Business

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