Governor Bill Haslam Awards Electrolux $20,000 Grant

DECEMBER 14, 2012
Jim Ball reporting

Governor Bill Haslam Awards Electrolux $20,000 Training Grant


NASHVILLE – Governor Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Karla Davis have awarded $20,000 to Electrolux Major Appliances N.A. in Springfield TN.

“If Tennessee is going to become the number one location in the Southeast for high-quality jobs, then we must offer a well-trained workforce to employers,” said Governor Haslam. “This kind of training grant not only helps educate workers, but also provides incentive to employers looking to relocate or expand in Tennessee.”

“Both job creation and retention are vital in maintaining a healthy economy in Tennessee, and the Incumbent Worker Training program has played a key role in accomplishing this,” said Commissioner Davis.

“Since the program’s inception, Incumbent Worker Training grants have assisted more than 600 businesses by providing $14 million to train approximately 50,000 employees.”

In their application for the grant, Electrolux Major Appliances N.A. stated this grant would increase company value by contributing to the organization’s competitiveness and productivity. Increasing process improvement and reducing variation in the performance of products will improve overall cost to the customer.

“I would like to thank Governor Haslam and Commissioner Davis for their involvement in awarding this grant to the workers of  Robertson County,” said Senator Jim Summerville. “By investing in the skills of Tennessee’s workforce, we’re also investing in our future economic success,” said Representative Joshua Evans.

Workforce Essentials, Inc. played a key role in awarding the grant to Electrolux Major Appliances N.A. The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development administers the Incumbent Worker Training program. The program has been structured to be flexible to meet the business’s training objectives. The business may use public, private, or its own in house training provider based on the nature of the training.

The following criteria must be met to qualify for the Incumbent Worker Training Program. Employers must be in operation in Tennessee for at least one year prior to application date . Employers must have at least five full-time employees, demonstrate financial viability and be current on all state tax obligations. Funding priority is given to businesses whose grant proposals represent a significant layoff avoidance strategy and represent a significant upgrade of skills.


Jim Ball reporting December 30 2012