Greenbrier Officer Resigns Following Inappropriate Facebook Posts

Greenbrier Officer Resigns Following Inappropriate Facebook Posts

Greenbrier Officer Resigns Following Inappropriate Facebook Posts

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A Greenbrier Police Officer resigned Thursday morning following an investigation into posts he made on Facebook.

In a candid interview with Smokey Barn News, Greenbrier Police Chief Randy Pack said the officer’s actions are not reflective of the character of the rest of the officers.

The circumstances revolving around the officer’s resignation began Wednesday when a citizen reported seeing inappropriate posts on the officer’s Facebook page.

When Chief Pack learned about the officer’s posts he began an investigation and the officer was placed on administrative leave without pay. The investigation culminated with a meeting with the officer Thursday morning.

The officer, Cory Tidwell, had been with the Greenbrier Police Department for just three months and was still in the new-hire probationary period, according to Chief Pack.

“We have never had a complaint against him at all. He worked well with the other officers, he interacted well with the public and we had no issues with his performance,” Pack said.

After viewing the officer’s Facebook page, Chief pack said he found several things that were in violation of city policy. 1) He identified himself as a police officer, and 2) comments pertaining to the ongoing investigation into the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and a meme about Michelle Obama were totally unacceptable. According to Chief Pack, Tidwell has since removed his Facebook profile. Smokey Barn News will not repeat the graphic content of the posts.

Chief Pack said, at the meeting, Tidwell was very contrite and apologetic. “He said he did not mean to be racial. He asked if there was any way he could keep his job, like going to counseling, or whatever we wanted him to do because he was extremely sorry about what he had done,” Chief Pack said. “However I felt that there are some things that are not acceptable, this was one of them.

“I told him I was going to terminate him and he asked me for permission to voluntarily resign and I granted that to him. Officer Tidwell was a good police officer. He got along well with everybody, and we have a racially diverse team.

“He did a great job I’ve never had a complaint on him, so it was difficult for me to do but at the end of the day there are just some things you just don’t do, and what he did was one of them.”

“Police officers are held to a higher standard for a reason, and he didn’t meet that standard.”

According to the City of Greenbrier, Tidwell is 34 and was formerly an officer in White Bluff Tennessee carrying about 15 total years of experience.

The city’s official statement is below.

“Yesterday, the City of Greenbrier became aware of a situation involving a social media page that appeared to belong to one of our police officers. Our investigation has been completed and the officer in question has decided to resign from his position with the Greenbrier Police Department. The former employee was extremely apologetic and remorseful for any embarrassment he has caused the City of Greenbrier and Greenbrier Police Department. Any statements or viewpoints from this former employee conveyed on social media were his own and are not shared by the City. The environment at the City is one of tolerance. We strive to be helpful and professional to everyone regardless of the differences in people.”

The city of Greenbrier pointed out that on the very same day that the situation with Tidwell’s Facebook page was unfolding, the city of Greenbrier posted a photo on the city’s Facebook about two officers that not only stopped to change a flat tire for a citizen in the pouring rain but even paid for a new one. “These two, Officer Malone and Detective Locklayer, represent the type of officers we strive to achieve,” Chief Pack said.

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