Greenbrier Taxes Increase, Fire Chief Talks Budget, Officers Recognized

Greenbrier Taxes Increase, Fire Chief Talks Budget, Officers Recognized

(2) Fire Chief Talks Budget Issues

(3) Officers Recognized

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – After listening to citizens concerns and support and answering questions for over an hour Greenbriers Board of Mayor & Alderman voted to increase property taxes to $1.57.

Smokey Barn News recorded the entire meeting that included citizens voicing their support and opposition (mostly opposition) against the tax hike.

Elected officials said it had been many years since taxes had been raised and it had to be done. One Alderman apologized to citizens saying it probably should have been done incrementally but it was now time to bite the bullet.

The vote was 5 to 2 as follows. Davis, Deaver, DeLong, Fagg, and Dawson yes with Dorris and Higdon voting no. View the entire meeting added to our report above.

Greenbrier Fire Chief Address Budget Concerns..

In other business, Greenbrier Fire Chief Kyle Hamill talked about how limited funds are affecting the ability of the Greenbrier Fire Department to respond to emergencies. View video below.

Greenbrier Officers Recognised For Professionalism & Bravery

Greenbrier Police Chief Randy Pack recognizes two officers for deescalating a situation to a peaceful resolution and saving a mans life. (VIEW VIDEO BELOW)

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