Head-On Motorcycle Accident On Kinneys Rd In Springfield, TN

Motorcycle Accident at Kinneys and Green Hills Rd in Springfield
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Head-On Motorcycle Accident On Kinneys Rd In Springfield


Two people on a motorcycle were injured on Kinneys Rd in Springfield Saturday when they took a car head-on at 2:41PM. From what we could gather at the scene the bike (heading west on Kinneys Rd.) was behind a vehicle hauling tobacco when the motorcyclist on a 2012 Harley Davidson Road Glide decided to overtake the trailer. Just as they pulled into position to pass the trailer another vehicle was making a right turn off Green Hills Dr onto Kinneys Rd in the opposite direction. (EXACT LOCATION OF WRECK)

bike 003The timing was perfect for both drivers to have no time to react.  According to one of the occupants of the vehicle, on impact both riders flew over their hood and landed on the road behind their car. The riders were a man and a woman 40 to 50 years of age. The woman was complaining of back pain. The man (according to witnesses) seemed to be in good shape. Both riders were transported to NorthCrest Medical Center In Springfield. They were both wearing helmets and as we understand it there was no sign of impairment. Police also determined that the bike was in second gear and signs at the scene suggested that speed was not a factor. There were no skid marks behind the bike suggesting they were taken by surprise. There were five occupants in the vehicle, two adults (male and a female) and three small children.

The primary impact seemed to be absorbed by the front rim of the white car. The impact was strong enough to bend the front wheel of the car out of alignment (as you can see in the photos) to the degree that the vehicle could not be driven. The forks of the bike bent all the way back until the tire hit the frame of the bike. The police investigation was preliminary but it looked like they were leaning towards just the worst luck in the world.

Though we are still waiting on an update on the riders condition the important thing is no one was killed and it looks as though both motorcyclists will both ride again.

Jim Ball reporting


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