Heritage Pulls Away Late, Beats Greenbrier 63-49 Friday Night

 Patriots prevailed over the  Bobcats 63-49.

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Heritage Pulls Away Late, Beats Greenbrier 63-49

Screenshot_2014-02-15-02-05-44The 9-AA District Tournament is taking place at the Pickel Field House at the Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, TN. The boy’s bracket paired up two Robertson County foes to square off against one another in a win-or-go-home game setting. The Mike Petrone led Patriots prevailed over the Coach Clint Mason led Bobcats 63-49.

Screenshot_2014-02-15-02-05-19The game between the Greenbrier Bobcats and the White House Heritage Patriots had all the makings for a good one. The atmosphere was ecstatic. The entire arena was buzzing with fans cheering as the boys started the game off with a deadlocked first quarter. Greenbrier and White House Heritage played toe to toe with one another as they both tallied 14 points each and Tyler Cunningham had an impressive 10 points for the Patriots as he led all scorers when the first quarter came to an end with a 14-14 tie.

Screenshot_2014-02-15-02-02-58The second quarter was also evenly played, Jr Brown led the way for the Bobcats with 5 points and Ryan Sizemore did the same for the Patriots. However, going into halftime Heritage led Greenbrier 26-24 with efforts from Ryan Sizemore, Drew Quillen, and Tyler Cunningham. Going into the third quarter, Coach Clint Mason needed to increase the defensive pressure to slow down Heritage’s scoring. They couldn’t slow it down enough as the Patriots went on a 16-10 run through the third quarter with Ryan Sizemore’s 6 points leading his team to a 42-34 advantage.

funeral bright 300The fourth quarter was no different. The Patriots continued putting up points, and they sealed the victory as Ryan Sizemore did his best Lebron James impression as he slam dunked the ball in the final minute. Nicky Lynn and the Bobcats put up 15 points in the fourth quarter which was the most they did the entire game, but the Patriots put up 21 in the fourth quarter and won the game 63-49. Coach Clint Mason and the Bobcats had a good season and performed well tonight. Nick Young for the Bobcats even had 20 points. However, Coach Mike Petrone and the Patriots performed not just well, but well enough to win.

James O’Saile reporting
Smokey Barn News


Screenshot_2014-02-14-21-16-42White House Heritage roster and score totals:

No.00 Thomas Thurman, 15 points.
No.1 Brennan Harper
No.2 Evan Risden
No.3 Jordan Ellis
No.5 Blake Wills
No.11 Johnny Bailey, 6 points
No.12 Tyler Cunningham, 22 points.
Screenshot_2014-02-14-20-15-23No.14 Nick DesMarais
No.15 Tyler Wilburn
No.20 Drew Quillen, 7 points
No.22 Branson Kramm
No.23 Ryan Sizemore, 13 points.
No.24 Brandon Berry
No.25 Caleb Stephens

Greenbrier roster and score leaders:

No.3 Drew Dever
No.4 CJ Bryant
No.5 Michael Parker
No.10 Cody Burch, 6 points.
No.11 Bailey Young
No.12 Nick Young, 20 points.
No.15 Jr Brown, 7 points.
Screenshot_2014-02-14-20-26-20No.20 Reed Derseweh
No.22 Brad Allen, 4 points
No.24 Austin Richardson
No.25 Jordan Perdue
No.44 Nicky Lynn, 10 points.
No.50 Jerry Malgioglio, 2 points.
No.52 Austin Merrill
No.54 Brady Dorris

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