Hit & Run On Possum Trot In Greenbrier

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Park In Your DrivewayTire wide fall specials Smokey Barn News, October 7, 2013

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Park In Your Driveway

bike 005A family on Possum Trot Rd in Greenbrier parked their vehicles in front of their home Monday evening as they normally do and settled inside to relax. At some point they heard a loud crash, they thought it was up at the intersection but when they opened up the door they saw both of their very nice and clean vehicles tangled up in a wreck. There were apparently two individuals in the white vehicle and they both fled the scene after the accident. Location Of Wreck

The beautiful red vehicle will need some major repairs. The pickup faired a little better but it too will need work on the entire passenger side. The family told Smokey they need the vehicles to get to work so they are hoping their insurance policy covers a rental car.

In order to hit the cars the individuals in the white car came all the way across the lawn. The cars were hit hard enough to knock them both sideways out of their parking spaces. The Robertson County Sheriffs department and the THP are looking for the occupants. Given the damage to the front windshield the occupants may have facial cuts. There was positive airbag deployment on both sides of the impact vehicle.

Jim Ball reporting

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