UPDATED: I65 Fatal 5 Vehicle Crash Claims One Life

UPDATED: I65 Fatal 5 Vehicle Crash Claims One Life

UPDATED: I65 Fatal 5 Vehicle Crash Claims One Life


ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: Smokey Barn News) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol is now releasing more information regarding an accident on Interstate 65 North Tuesday that claimed the life of 28-year-old Bryant Freedle of Tennessee.

The crash which shut down I65 for several hours occurred just south of mile marker 117 at the Hwy 52W (Orlinda) exit. The crash involved a total of five vehicles including four tractor-trailers and a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado driven by Freedle.

Following the crash, Freedle’s vehicle was crushed under a tractor-trailer requiring a heavy-duty wrecker (pictured) to lift the heavy 18-wheeler off of Freedle’s unrecognizable Silverado to free him.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s preliminary crash report, all five vehicles were traveling north on I-65 in the right lane. Freedle, in his Silverado, was stopped behind two tractor-trailers (presumably by traffic) when another two tractor-trailers (coming up from behind) rear-ended each other before crashing into Freedle’s Silverado, crushing him between the four tractor-trailers, two in front and two from behind.

The tractor-trailer directly behind Freedle came up over the top of him twisting his vehicle into a ball, crushing it beyond recognition. The tractor-trailer continued over the top of Freedle’s Silverado and hit the tractor-trailer in front of Freedle.  That impact pushed the tractor-trailer in front of Freedle into the first tractor-trailer.  Freedle was left trapped inside the crumpled Silverado but still alive.

Firefighters with the Orlinda Fire Department, Cross Plains Fire, the White House Community Volunteer Fire Department, White House City, the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, and Robertson County EMS successfully cut Feedle from the crumpled Silverado making every effort to save his life but ultimately he succumbed to his injuries.  Freedle was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The area of the crash fell under the jurisdiction of the Orlinda Fire Department. Fire Chief Dusty Johnson wanted to extend his sincere thank you to all the agencies that helped in the attempt to rescue Freedle.

According to the THP’s preliminary report, 71-year-old David Arnold (4th vehicle back) and 55-year-old Davina Luckett (driver of the last vehicle) could face charges depending on the outcome of the THP’s investigation but no one has been charged at this point.  Luckett was transported to an area hospital with minor injuries.