Incident At AppleBee’s Saturday Night

Incident At AppleBee’s
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Smokey Barn News September 27, 2013 Springfield, Tenn.

We received quite a few emails and phone calls so we have decided to provide a short report on the incident at AppleBees Saturday evening around 10:50PM, according to 911 dispatch.

applebees logoA source told Smokey that there were roughly 40 to 45 people in the forward area of the restaurant when some kind of altercation broke out involving a good number of people. However, by the time police arrived the incident was already calming down. There were a large number of police vehicles in the parking lot which made it seem like a much bigger incident.

The reason for the large police response was because the T.H.P. just happened to be in town for the Governor’s Highway Safety Program. They do bar checks and roadblocks. Well, they just happened to be at BobKatz located just next door at 3548 Tom Austin Hwy.

applebees night sliderAs we understand it at least 12 people left the restaurant without paying. If that is true and those individuals do not return to pay their bills, it should be fairly easy to examine security video to identify the non-payers.

There were no charges made, no arrests and no police reports at the scene. However, we have heard that a few people called later to say they were assaulted.

The large police presence helped calm the situation quickly and made it a little easier for servers to peruse the parking lot for the non-payers but we were told a good number still slipped away. Another insider told Smokey that AppleBees lost over $600.00 and some glasses were broken.

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Jim Ball reporting

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