Increased Seat Belt Enforcement Campaign Begins Monday

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seat belt campaign starts Monday

Robertson County Sheriff’s Office Celebrates Thirty Years Of Seat Belt Enforcement During National “Click It Or Ticket” Mobilization

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: Smokey Barn News) – The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office to increase seat belt enforcement from May 23 to June 5, surrounding of one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.

Funeral services ad 300“We know that seat belts save lives,” said Sheriff Bill Holt. “This enforcement crackdown is designed to encourage and increase seat belt usage among drivers. The more people that wear seat belts, the more lives that will be saved.”

This year, Tennessee celebrates its 30 year anniversary of seat belt legislation. The state first enacted a mandatory seat belt law in 1986. The law was updated in 2004 to make seat belt violations a primary offense. In 2015, the law was again updated to more than double the fine for seat belt citations.

Tennessee’s current seat belt use rate is 86.2 percent. This classifies Tennessee as a “low use” state on a national level. According to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security, 343 individuals killed in traffic crashes last year were
not wearing a seat belt. This group makes up over forty-eight percent of all those killed in passenger vehicles.

“We are putting an emphasis on nighttime seat belt enforcement,” said Tennessee Highway Safety Office Interim Director Jason Ivey. “The problem of unbelted vehicle occupants becomes worse at night. Nationally, 59 percent of vehicle occupants who were killed in traffic crashes overnight in 2013 were not wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash, compared to 43 percent during daytime hours. We are observing a similar trend at the statewide level. Looking at the last five years of data, there are significant differences in restraint use at night versus during the day.”

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Latest Comments
  1. Cindy Walton

    Statistics can be publicized to appear to sound any way the writer choses and do not prove to me that a seat belt always save lives. A friend and her two year old granddaughter were drowned because the grandmother could not get both her and the child out of the car, both wearing seat belts. I believe it should be an adult’s choice.

  2. Myrt

    I’ve been wearing a seatbelt faithfully since 1983. Even though the newer ones can be aggravating at times, I’d rather deal with some minor discomfort than a face plant to the steering wheel!

  3. Deluka Mendez

    Wayne; you are about as ignorant as they come. I thought this was about seatbelts. “Illegal Aliens” are human beings with families to raise. They do work that “American citizens” refuse to do for the low paying cost. Because we think we are worth more. They Men and Women go out and work for next to nothing because it IS BETTER THAN NOTHING. And at the end of the day, they feed their families. They are not taking anything from you.

  4. Wayne

    The county needs money. If they really cared about the citizens and enforcing safety then they would be about the business of going after real criminals such as illegal aliens. They cost the county as much or more than those few who choose not to wear a seat belt.

    Illegal aliens do more damage to our society than the revenue they bring in. Please be aware that even if an illegal alien chooses not to wear a seat belt they will be given a ‘go free card’ and be on their way. However if your a legal tax paying citizen you will be charged and penalized with a fine.

    I thought this was America………..It aint no more……..

  5. J Jones

    Seat belts are for our safety. The law was made for those not wise enough to care about their own safety.