Inmate Dead After Apparent Suicide At Robertson County Jail

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Inmate Dead After Apparent Suicide At Robertson County Jail

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) Smokey has confirmed with Robertson County Jail officials that an inmate did commit suicide late Tuesday evening.


Damien Shutt (Photo submitted by family)

The call came into 911 at 10:30 p.m Tuesday.. The name of the inmate is identified as Damien Leon Shutt, 20, from Springfield. Since 2013, Shutt has been in and out of the Robertson County detention facility on charges ranging from aggravated burglary to domestic violence.

Robertson County jail records indicate that Shutt’s most recent incarceration started back in middle July of 2014 after being charged with violation of community corrections, failure to appear and vandalism.

The family of Mr. Shutt released the following statement Wednesday morning: “We are all saddened and shocked by this horrible news. We will miss him. We wish we knew what was going on so that we could have helped him. Where  were the guards? Who was watching the cameras? We would like answers. We love you Damien.”

The Robertson County Jail released the following statement:  At approximately 10:27pm on 7/28/15, corrections officers with the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office found Damien Shutt, an inmate at the facility since November 2014, dead by apparent suicide.

Preliminary findings from the investigation show that Mr. Shutt had left a note and used a bed sheet to commit suicide by hanging. As emergency medical personnel were being called to the scene, efforts to revive Mr. Shutt by facility officers and medical personnel were unsuccessful.

Our sincere condolences are extended to Mr. Shutt’s family and we hope that their privacy is respected during this tragic time. The incident is still under investigation by the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office and the State of Tennessee Medical Examiner’s Office.

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  1. jason brown

    i done time with him he was just a kid so sad!!!

  2. Barb.

    U know wat people we can argue all day long whos right and whos wrong the fact of the matter is we all make mistakes I know his family some of them r the best friends anyone could have . Instead of locking the young kids up for the things that they have done wrong in there lives if taxpayers r paying for them to be locked up then take that money and get them the help that they need that were I want to see my money go don’t lock them up and treat them like scumb they need help apparently something is going on with the young kids today they need support and help to figure out which way to go that is rite for them .everyone stop and think what was going thru ur minds at the age of 20 . Let’s pray for the family

  3. John smith

    Well Mindy, don’t get booked and you won’t have to worry about it!

  4. Rebecca Petty

    So sorry to hear that your family is in my prayers

  5. Miranda Hankins

    RIP Damien gone but not forgotten….. so hard to believe your gone….. we will all see you again fly high baby boy

  6. Ronnie

    This is a horrible thing this family and the employees at the jail are having to deal with ,my prayers to them all !! Mindy zoo animals make money inmates cost law abiding citizens money !! I will bet your stay there will be in the back of your mind before you do anything to have you put back in their or at least it should be!! Jail is not meant to be a vacation it is meant to be a deterrant just sayin…….

  7. Mindy

    I was an inmate there they never watch the co are in n out at all times they have towers but most cost are on their phones that place is a joke zoo animals r treated better than the inmates there

    • jim

      Your an inmate do you expect to be treated like tour in a 5 star hotel just saying I been in there too. It was the old jail then it was nasty and smelly didnt expect much from them didnt even eat their nasty food they brought, looked like slop

      • Melissa Cunningham

        I was an inmate there last summer. The guards do check every hour on the dot. They also have towers that watch everything. I’m not saying it was a blessing to be in there. However in all honesty, them walls will make you drive your self insane. My condolenses go out to the family. This isn’t a time for blame game. It’s time to be strong for his family.