It Was A One In A Million They Said… Then, The Very Next Day…

It Was A One In A Million They Said... Then, The Very Next Day...

It Was A One In A Million They Said… Then, The Very Next Day…

PLEASANT VIEW/JOELTON TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – It seems like the odds of a vehicle landing inside of a box truck in a traffic accident would be something only seen in a Blues Brothers movie. Still, the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department trained for that very scenario on Tuesday. Guess what happened on I65 the very next day?

Our story starts with the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department receiving two generous donations of a box truck and a passenger vehicle. Frontier Foundation & Crawl Space Repair donated the box truck and E&E Towing donated the passenger car. So what did the fire department do with the two very generous donations? Why, they tossed them over a ravine, of course. It was all in the name of training. The aim was to enhance the department’s training capabilities, with a specific focus on refining rescue techniques for vehicular entrapment.

Firefighters engaged in several simulated rescue operations involving the box truck with a vehicle inside it. The scenario involved hurling the box truck over a ravine on Frontier Foundation’s premises, replicating a real-world accident scenario. Firefighters navigated the terrain to access the trapped vehicle and execute a successful extrication.

The two donated vehicles enabled firefighters to simulate realistic scenarios and hone their skills in rescue operations. The box truck was pushed off an embankment, simulating a precarious car accident. This allowed the firefighters to work at their own pace, learning exactly how to handle a situation and best help a potential victim. Inside the box truck was a small car, which fire and rescue successfully tunneled through to access a ‘victim’ trapped inside.

In another scenario, they worked to free a “victim” who had been pinned underneath the car inside the box truck. The final scenario involved use of the “jaws of life” to access specific areas of the vehicle, simulating a crash in which the vehicle’s doors could not be opened.

“We are thrilled to support the Pleasant View Fire Department in their mission to protect and serve the community,” said Dustin Gebers, General Manager of Frontier Foundation & Crawl Space Repair. “This donation represents our commitment to fostering collaboration and providing essential resources to those who selflessly dedicate themselves to saving lives.”

E&E Towing was also monumental in the training, providing the passenger car and even delivering it. After the training was over they recovered both vehicles from the ravine.

If you think this kind of thing never happens, think again. The training was on Tuesday. On Wednesday (the very next day) a four-vehicle crash on I 65 south near Millersville mirrored the training almost to a T. As you can see in our video report below, one of the vehicles ended up inside a box trailer. Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported. POWERED BY: Drake’s Auto Repair & Towing

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