Jo Byrns High In Cedar Hill Used For Target Practice

 Jo Byrns High In Cedar Hill Used For Target Practice

For the second time in just weeks Jo Byrns High School was Vandalized. This time the school was peppered with bullet holes while the school was empty.

Back on November 3rd Jo Byrns School  was vandalized with graffiti (See PHOTO below) between 12:00AM and 7:00AM Saturday morning. The graffiti was painted on the baseball dug out facing the student parking lot behind the gym on the left side of the school campus.

The graffiti would have been in plain sight of all the players coming in Saturday Morning. The graffiti was quickly covered but the nice artwork will need to be redone.

According to Jo Byrns High school Baseball and Basketball Coach Ronny Carlisle the graffiti wasn’t there after the high school playoff game the night before or at midnight when Carlisle left the school. No one really saw it until Saturday morning before the first round of Junior Pro Football Playoffs.

Anyone with information on the suspect(s) is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799 or the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office at 615-384-7971.

A smiley face was used to cover one word in the PHOTO below.

January 3, 2013



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  1. Pat Adams

    I live on Turnersville Road and our son’s mailbox was shot from the back, all the way through the door on the front. AND it was pointed toward his house, animals, vehicles etc. I do not understand why these kids do such things, and they cannot comprehend how dangereous a gun can be. The news is full of such detailed accidents every day where innocent children are shot and killed.

  2. Kerri

    My kids go there too and went there K-12. This is rediculous and very scary, what if the kids had been present??? I pray the cameras caught them too.