Lightning No Match For Lightning Fast Landscapers

 As he and two other co-workers of Custom Lawn Care were setting up, Jason starThe Depot Banner Ad

Smokey Barn News, August 23rd, 2013 Springfield TN

IMG_0285A little after 2:00PM Friday afternoon Jason Rittenberry of Springfield (a landscaper by trade) headed out to a customer’s home to do what he does best, making homes look beautiful.   As he and two other co-workers of Custom Lawn Care were setting up, Jason started to smell smoke. Within a minute or so they found the source, it was the home next door located at 1009 Hunters Lane in Springfield and it was on fire. Jason quickly ran to get his fire extinguisher off his truck and one of the three workers called 911.


Jason said he was surprised at how well the small extinguisher did on the fire but it still wasn’t quite enough to put it out. Though Jason didn’t get the fire out it was  enough to buy precious minutes for fire crews to arrive.  He tried to get a garden hose on it too but the longest hose was just a little too short.  Springfield fire arrived minutes later and (as they do) quickly put water on it. The fire was on the left side outer wall and under the crawl space.

(L)Jason Rittenberry (R)Home owner Paul Lamb

Within minutes it was all over and the damage to the home largely superficial. The owner of the home, Paul Lamb showed up a few minutes later. Mr. Lamb was so calm as he approached the home people were surprised he turned out to be the owner. I said, “your home was on fire but you seem almost happy”. Paul replied, “It is what it is, it’s in the Lord’s hands”.

Paul said his neighbor called him and said “it’s not bad, but you’re on fire” Needless to say that line got a few chuckles. Lamb also said he planned to buy Jason a new fire extinguisher.

Custom Lawn Care Staff

According to Springfield Fire Chief Jimmy Hamill, they’re leaning towards a lightning strike. “It’s those workers that really saved the day. Getting good notification; that makes a big difference” Hamill said. It was already a quiet street and it had also been raining so people were mostly indoors. “The home may not have been livable if it wasn’t for those workers” Hamill said.

Jim Ball reporting


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