Local Burglars Caught!

The Depot Banner AdSmokey Barn News, July 19, 2013

Dakota sqOn Thursday Robertson County Deputies were dispatched to a burglary in progress on Airport Rd. The victim was at home when she heard a loud bang when the door to her home was kicked in and she saw two white males. The victim yelled at these two individuals.

The two suspects ran and got into a small white car and fled the scene. Within minutes, several marked and unmarked units from the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office converged on the area. The vehicle was located and stopped on Hwy. 41N where the two suspects were placed into custody. One of the suspects was a juvenile.

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Latest Comments
  1. Truth

    Many of you know Dakota and some of you know him more than others. Those of you that know him well actually knows what kind of person that he really is. He does horrible things and somehow gets away with them. Last year, him and his cousin, jumped his girlfriends father, his own childs grandfather with a tobacco stick and caused some serious damage including a brain bleed and then bragged about it. All over the girlfriends father confronting him about physically hitting his daughters, one while she was pregnant, with his child. Dakota hasn’t been out of jail hardly a month and already went back for trying to rob a house. Not only that, the get away car that was used was his girlfriends, which was impounded. Then, on top of all this twisted mess, the girlfriend, stays with him. Does anybody else think that the girlfriend has lost her mind? All I see when I see him or his name is TROUBLE.

  2. heather mendenhall

    its was my parents house.

  3. Bugg out reply

    To Bugg Out–.Bugg was in juvenile lockup at woodland hills for almost 2 years and thats because juvenile court and the prosecutor put him in for crimes. the state of tn dcs let him out the juvenile court cant stop that once he serves his time. he got automatically relased from juvie system because he is 18.

  4. Bugg out

    I think we can thank our local prosecutor and juvenile court that this kid was not already locked up as he has been committing crimes for years now.

  5. Your Maker

    Hey Bugg . When you get out of jail come on back to Airport road. I got something for you and it’s not a phone call to police. I will turn you into sausage you no good loser.

    • Think before you speak

      I cant believe some of the things you people are saying about Dakota. Some of you talk about him as if you know him, and even if you KNOW OF him none of you know him as well as I do because he is my baby cousin. I understand that he made a huge mistake and violated a person’s space, and thank God no one was hurt. But have any one of you simple minded people ever stopped to think about why a young person would act in such a way. Well, I’ll tell you… in his case it was a very troubled childhood. Some of you couldn’t handle in your adult lives some of the things he endured in his childhood. That doesnt make his behavior right or acceptable but all of the violent comments made directly towards him do not make you all any better.

      In response to ALL of the negative things that you people have said, remember this Romans 8:31. If God is for us, who then can be against us.

      And also remember that all of you have made bad decisions, and done bad things (severe or minor). The good thing is that we can learn from our mistakes. Thankfully, Dakota has. He may not be perfect, but neither are you folks :p

  6. Pam

    Good job police

  7. Will Jones

    Hoorah for the Robertson County Sheriff’s dept. Great job!!