Ray Anthony Farmer CAPTURED In Kentucky

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Smokey Barn News May 14, 2013

Police arrest career criminal Ray Farmer with 28 warrants on file

WSMV News 4 is reporting that (Ray Anthony Farmer) a career criminal is off the streets and behind bars after several months on the run from law enforcement. If you recall Smokey reported back in December that police were hot on his trail and almost had him in Robertson County near Hwy 24 and Maxey Rd in Cedar Hill. See details of that manhunt below.

(Photo by Lawrence County, KY, sheriff's dept.)Ray Anthony Farmer, 56, was arrested early Tuesday in Louisa, KY – near the West Virginia border – after wrecking a van and a short foot chase with Lawrence County, KY, deputies Farmer has racked up more than 28 warrants from Cadiz, Guthrie, Clarksville and Nashville since he vanished from a halfway house in September 2012.

Among the crimes he is accused of committing include five burglaries in Trigg County and several burglaries in Clarksville.

Police say Farmer was an expert criminal who previously served time in jail.

“Ray Farmer’s not new to the criminal market,” said retired officer Jim Knoll of the Clarksville Police Department. “He’s been in business at least twenty years. He just got out of a 5 1/2-year stint in prison, and it didn’t take him long to get back to it.”

Farmer also had a pattern. He usually hit places during weekends when they’re unoccupied.

He is now lodged in the Big Sandy Correctional Complex in Johnson County, KY.

(Above Photo by Lawrence County, KY, sheriff’s dept.)

Reported by Forrest Sanders at WSMV News 4


Smokey’s Original report below…

Smokey Barn News, December 3, 2013 

Manhunt at the Robertson/Montgomery County Line.

Officials pulled over an older gentlemen around 2:30pm this afternoon for a routine traffic stop around exit 19 off Hwy 24 (Maxey Rd/256) by the BP station. He hit the gas and bolted from police but later stopped his vehicle and ran into the woods of the Budweiser Farm. The suspect in question is a white male 5’10 in his mid 60’s wearing bluejeans, a T-shirt and carrying or wearing a jacket. Officials also believe that he may be armed. Witnesses report hearing gun shots from the woods. According to police he is a career felon and broke parole. A police dog has picked up his scent and Officials are trying to steer the suspect toward Hwy 24 as of 9:15pm.

According to local resident Mr. Wayne Shearon, there was an abandoned car that had been sitting for some time. A State trooper stopped to write it up. There are 4 cameras on the troopers car rolling at all times and one of the cameras picked up on a vehicle which alerted a computer and the trooper received a call that a wanted suspect from Indiana had just passed him. The trooper immediately went after him and caught up to him a couple miles down the road but the suspect jumped out of his car and over the interstate bridge into the woods around the 17 mile marker and that’s when they brought the dogs in. If you see this man, do not approach him. Call 911

Update 10pm: An undercover just went by the BP at Maxey Rd at full throttle. The helicopter with thermal imaging is hanging out over the Bud farm…..Several more police moving at top speed heading towards hwy 24 on Maxey rd.. They may have him cornered.

Update 10:35 pm. The fugitive at large is Ray Farmer and he has been evading police and helicopters in wooded areas of the middle Tennessee area since July. Farmer left the halfway house he was assigned before completion of his time after being paroled back in July. He has several warrants out for his arrest and is currently in violation of parole.

Update 11pm:
According to Captain Jesse Reynolds of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office “we don’t have any leads at this time, he could be as far as Nashville at this point.” THP has been assisted by Robertson County, Montgomery County and Cheatham County officials along with helicopters equipped with thermal imaging in the search. But because there are no real leads at this time they are scaling back on the search. Clarksville will continue the search through the night. Remember if you encounter Mr. Farmer do not approach him or take matters into your own hands. Call 911.

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