McDonald’s Considers Bill Martin Spot In Greenbrier

McDonald’s Considers Bill Martin Spot In Greenbrier

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – According to officials in Greenbrier, McDonald’s is once again taking a hard look at the old Bill Martin spot on Hwy 41. McDonald’s has now officially submitted a full set of engineering design plans to be considered at the planning and zoning board meeting on June 11.

If you recall, back in May of 2017, Smokey Barn News reported that McDonald’s was considering Greenbrier.  According to Greenbrier City Superintendent Tommy Maitland back in 2017, McDonald’s made several inquiries and an offer on a property located on the corner of Hwy 41 and College St. That is the site of former Bill Martin Foods grocery store. MAP

A temporary site plan was submitted, according to Maitland. “It would be a great fit for that corner and I think they realize that,” Maitland said at the time.

McDonald’s did pull the plug for a while but they hadn’t quite taken the idea completely off the table, according to Greenbrier’s Director of Codes and Planning Alex West. Now the city is looking at a full set of engineering design plans from McDonald’s.

The site plan is going before the planning and zoning board on June 11. “The first time was more or less just a proposal. This time we have full engineering, stormwater calculations, drainage, parking lot size, it was the full-scale plans,” West said.

It’s not a guarantee but they have submitted real plans with real detail so West is optimistic that Greenbrier will be getting a  McDonald’s.

Once the city ok’s the plans there’s one more hurdle. The state will have the final say on the site plans, West said.

West said they wouldn’t spend the time and money if they didn’t think they were coming but it’s not carved in stone until the plans make their way through the process.

“We’re excited about all three of them.” (referring to the new Burger King and grocery store) “It’s a positive thing for the highway, the commercial district, the city and we’re looking forward to seeing some groundbreaking,” West said.

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