Meet Smokey’s New Sports Guy, James O’Saile!

Is it a coincidence that his names rhymes with Howard Cosell?Depot ad steak and vegetarian Smokey Barn News. February 8, 2014

OK Robertson County, you asked for sports news, you got it!

James O’Saile
Professional Sports Writer

Meet James O’Saile, he loves anything to do with sports, all his jokes are about sports, when he sleeps he dreams about sports, he eats sports statistics for breakfast and this is his only outfit without a number on it.

Is it a coincidence that his name rhymes with Howard Cosell? …  O’Saile … Cosell…  maybe not, but James and Howard share at least one thing, a love for sports. Smokey is both honored and excited about what James O’Saile  will be bringing to Smokey Barn News.

Be sure to welcome him aboard in comments below and tell us what you would like to see in Smokey’s sports coverage!

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ello, I’m James O’Saile and like many of you I love sports. I have enjoyed competing in athletics and covering athletic events for most of my life. I attended Western Kentucky University but I‘m from right here in Robertson County. I attended Greenbrier High School where I first developed my passion for sports. You may have seen my Sports Talk Page on Facebook (see more).  For several years now the page has offered unique perspectives on all thing sports. Now it’s time to include you! I will be covering all things sports in the Robertson County area for Smokey Barn News! We have an amazing arsenal of technology at our fingertips to deliver sports news to you, we can even do live broadcasts, so prepare yourselves for the best sports coverage in middle Tennessee! Are you ready for it?

1618565_818838794809886_823577461_nSo what’s Mr. O’Saile’s first mission? Play by play coverage of Saturday nights  TNT Middle School Tournament game between Springfield Middle School and White House Middle School. Click here to read it.

 Jim Ball reporting
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